Almost Beat A S2000!!!!

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  1. Im in complete awe that last night i almost beat an S2000!!! The clincher is i did it with my bone stock (except K&N) '96 the loser of all sn95s... maybe he was sandbagging though. To say the least im a happy camper:D
  2. :shrug: Cool deal man! But I dont think iv ever hear of someone brag about almost beating an S2000 lol.

    Anyways racing threads arent allowed anymore, so once a mod sees this they will close it :(. LET THE MODDING BEGIN MAN!
  3. not even if it was at the track;)
  4. HEHEHE, well now thats a horse of a different colour :D

    So what did both of you run?
  5. S2000's can sure give me a run, especially when I'm in their rpm mean zone. Off the line though, it's pretty much a shut out.
  6. :lol: :SNSign: Well i ran a 14.8 and he ran a 14.5 or 6 ish:shrug: something like that...i just wanted to know if anybody else had that experience or beat the track;) of course:D ... To be honest i thought they were incredibly fast and 99 ups had trouble with them
  7. yeah maybe he was sandbaggin... i did keep up real well
  8. Off the line i have beat every car ive ever raced including a M3 bm...i do have a 5 speed and know how to use it:D
  9. 14.5 sounds about right for an s2000 :)
  10. I like S2000's.. they're pretty sweet little cars.

    After you get a few mods you'll knock him out :nice:
  11. :scratch: What's an S-2000? Import or what? Don't really stay up to date with some of the cars their making today. :shrug:
  12. It's a Honda 2 seater sports coupe, much like the Mazda Miata (only better).


  13. It is a Honda.


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  14. Honda S2000.. 2-seater roadster style car. Has 17" wheels, 245/45/17's on all 4 corners. Only come in 6-spd manuals. Convertible only, but you can buy a seperate hardtop for it. 237 hp, and ~197ft/lb tq (not sure tho, something low like that). 8800rpm redline




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  15. I was the same way with an M3. Then I hit second gear and adios bye bye. He flew by me.
  16. :notnice: This post is WEAK!
  17. doesnt matter whether you win by an inch or by a mile. winning is winning. ask any racer....any TRUE racer.
  18. I like S2000. Small, nimble, great handring little screamer..​


    I still like my Mustang better, because
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  19. HHhhhmmm. I can't really say if I've seen one or not. Alot of those cars look too similar to one another now. Those FnF quotes always kill me. :rlaugh:
  20. I thought the car in the pic was yours. I was looking at your mod list and was thinking, OMG it only has that. Then I noticed where it said 01 True blue :) Just doesn't fit that body style in the picture though.