Almost Beat A S2000!!!!

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  1. The other day this 18 wheeler revved on me... I taught that biotch to respect the Stang :nice:
  2. Put an LS in the S2000 and it will do that also!
    Isn't that whats in that stang?
  3. Oh i don't no.. I found that pic somewhere in srecent post
    I just think its cool pic..
  4. yeah i think that mustang has a LS in it....but it is a great picture...
  5. I thought it was a worked over LT1 with some sort of forced induction :shrug: Could be wrong though...

    Love that pic though :)
  6. Thats my friend Jays car and it has a LS1 in it.. no FI
  7. nope they swapped the LS-1 for the LS-2 :eek:

  8. They run a 14.2 stock, and 99+ GTs run a 14.0-14.2 stock.. So its close enough to be a drivers race (with an edge going to the GT).. but with mods it really shouldn't be a problem. But it is a drivers race for both stock cars.
  9. haha dont even joke about that!! I had a friend who called me at 3AM to tell me that he just raced an 18 wheeler... and won! Then again, he was an IROC driver so I guess that was a big feat...
  10. :lol: :rlaugh:

    That mustang in that pic is a bad mofo!
  11. I ran one in Vegas a couple years ago that had two college guys in it. I had my teenage daughter in my car. Both cars had tops down. Honestly, I don't think the S2000s a couple years ago were more than 200 hp. I took him but it was a slow walk by. His engine was reving way high to keep up and of course mine was too.

    I beat him. My 18 year old witnessed it. And the other guys were doing their best against my slow pony... :D
  12. Did you just steal a quote from The Fast and the Furious... on a mustang forum?
  13. They had around 240bhp like they do now, but don't quote me on that.
  14. S2000 has had a engine change a couple years back with a increase in engine size but they lowered the redline by about 1500 rpm because of warranty issues. The car has 60lbs of less torque than horspower rating which makes it a dog off the line and really shows nothing till over 60mph which really makes it a none user friendly hot rod.
  15. I dont know why everyone thinks those cars are fast. :shrug: I test drove one. I guess it was fun to drive. The top down factor is cool. I personally am spoiled on torque though and as has already been mentioned that car has absolutely none. Also as light as it is and with a 4 cylinder you would think it would get better gas milage.

    Average User MPG: 25.8
    Range: 24 - 28 MPG
    Updated On: 03/20/2006

    Pretty lame for a car that only puts 146 lb-ft of torque at 6400 rpm to the rears. :notnice:
  16. Hey thats Houston Raceway Park...I just ran my car there yesterday...O'Reilly Spring Nationals are this weekend..BTW..."Almost" only counts in horse shoes, and hand grenades.
  17. Congradulations! This makes the one millionth time you've said that kilgore....haha j/k.

    But yea I've beaten an s2000 once, but it was because he was shifting just before the redline and you have to rev the crap out of those things to make them go fast. That's why I don't like them. I don't care what anyone says, red-lining a car is NEVER ok for the engine.
  18. The point is the same, its not like a built Ford V8 couldn't do the same.
  19. I had one try to race me or the guy just didn't want me to get over when I was pullin up to a light in the merge lane, a lane that ended about a 1/4 after the intersection so I knew I had to get on it to get over. Anywho, light goes green this guy in a S2000 nails it right as I'm next to him, so I just mat the throttle in 1st gear, wheels start squallin loud as ****, he was close up to about 30 mph, once I catch and hit second I think he gave up or got scared of the Magnapacks cause he was already about 5 carlengths back, I hit 3rd and took it up to about 100, I barely could see him in the rear view after that lol.
  20. :lol: :rlaugh:
    I cant believe my fruity forum on racing a s2000 went over a page... On another note i just got word and cash for a H/C/I (PI):hail2: but i need to know what the cheapest and best 100% cnc heads, mild cams, and intake i can get. I.E companys, prices that kind of thing...