Almost Done! 351W swap Hoo Haaah!

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  1. Well, I am almost done and have documented everything I have done. I can probably create a book from this major PIA swap.. I can honestly say that the worst part of this has been the headers. But once again I am almost there.

    I decided to wrap the headers after I trial fitted them a few times to keep the engine bay cooler but guess what? The clearance are so tight that now I have to pull it all out and slightly clearance the wells again. What a pain but once again I am almost there. It takes a while to do this because every time I do it, I have to sand, prime and paint the bay to make it look good. No Im not complaining but just commenting. Its been a blast and tomorrow this thing will be out on the street (with open headers, hoo haah).

    If anyone wants pics or ideas for installing a T-5, lemme know I have pics and it looks good.

    It looks like I am going to have to cut a hole in the hood or run with no air cleaner. Yeah i know I need the air cleaner but the paint on the King Cobra is perfect and the cobra is painted on the hood. I hate the idea of butchering it up.

    Oh well, Thanks again for all of the great ideas, Everyone here has been a great help. :D

    I cant wait to run this thing to see what I am going to break with all of the HP this engine has.
  2. With the lightweight body, you may not have an instant problem, but I'd expect the 1st major break to be the T5. I wouldn't expect it to last behind a moderately built 351 W or C/M for 1 day. Too much torque. Good luck, it's bound to be fun to drive. Also, beware! If it makes even decent power, the steering will be "touchy."

    Did you use the stock K-member? Oh yeah, use earplugs or WISH you had! :D

  3. I think the first to suffer would be the unitbody.

  4. I have to ask.

    What do you mean by "clearance" and "again"?

  5. Since all Mustangs got unibody construction, I just think the trans will be the 1st to go. I went through several transmissions before my torque boxes finally went. I was also running 12.1's before getting a roll bar, heartily stiffening my car. Of course, at the time, I drove a 3yr old car, not a 28yr old car.

    So yeah, it may be too stressful for a non-caged car.

    I think he means he has to remove the engine or at least headers, then make more room for the headers in the engine bay near the wheel wells, be it with a hammer or some other tool. Then he has to clean it all up and repaint it again.
  6. You don't know Wart- he's being "Wart"--Doesn't like hammers and buthcering things to make something fit...

  7. Yep, the inability to accept $h!++y work, to some people, is a failing of mine.

  8. I am not at all interested in hearing from you your speculation in what you think he did.

    I want to read what he did do. From Him.

  9. With normal street radials, and assuming the T5 is healthy and the body of the car is structurally in good condition, (and doesnt have T-tops), neither should become damaged right away. The T5 will likely hold up for a year or two, depending on how badly you beat on the car.
    The second you install slicks and make that thing hook up, the torque will either break the transmission immediately, or it will wring the car out like a wet sponge, and you'll be rolling on 3 tires instead of 4. :)
  10. So don't read what I write. Got it? :nice:

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  12. I guess I've been lucky thus far. My II has a 94-95 Mustang T5, I'm making 415 ft/lbs, and I launch at 4k off the slicks, car has been running for a year now.
  13. :eek:
  14. I think the T5 should handle the power for a while. I build 500hp Mustangs all the time that run T5s, and they hold up decent for a good amount of time. They do ultimately fail, but it takes a LOT of abuse.

    The unibody should be just fine. The MII is a very strong chassis design, and has much less flex than a Fox body. The MII is not a "light" car as people think, they are very solid and V8 cars weigh over 3100 lbs. I ran my 351 MII for many years with no chassis issues at all.

    When I did my 351 swap many years ago, it was pretty simple. Cut a hole in the hood for the air cleaner, alter the pass side sheet metal for the exhaust, and massage the 351 oil pan for starter clearance. I did have an issue with the oil pan resting on top of the rack, so the 1/2" motor mount spacers some people use would have solved that. But there was no internet back then, and the problem didn't become apparent for quite some time. I was also running a C-4, so I didn't have to do anything with the trans either. That car sure was fun :D.

  15. That's what I'm hoping for to Sal. I haven't had the mount "sag" yet the mounts are only a couple years old. I'll keep an eye on things though. I too had to clearence the pan for the rack but not too much. The manual rack would be a much nicer fit. I'm getting as close as wayfast. I just need to get some real color on the thing, and do a lot of reassembly.

    Good luck Wayfast I'll be a hell of a ride when you're finished.

  16. Tim, I didn't know yours wasn't up and running. It is a night and day difference with the 351. The car feels much more alive.

    Just make sure you put a 4 barrell on there :D. When I first did the 351 swap, it was a stock 77 351 with the 2 barrell. The car was an animal out of the hole, but ran out of steam real quick, lol.

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  19. My car is running. But it hasn't been driven except on and off a trailer. I started the body work 4 years ago. It's been a long time since it's seen the open road. Then I got hosed on the paint job last year and it's been sitting ever since. Waiting for me to build my $ back up. I've made some changes/upgrades. Different Carb, different cam, and new convertor. I had this cam in before and had the wrong convertor in it. It was a pig! This new convertor has a bit more stall to it. It's going to be a handfull to drive. But I like to steer with the "loud pedal"!


  20. Yeah, Ive noticed that!! Even at 85mph in OD, if I push on the gas, it will start to shift to the left. :rolleyes: Kinda scarey some times.

    so Y is that?? I thought it was the Right rear pushing me to the left, but since I have limited slip, Im not sure bout that theory.