Almost Done! 351W swap Hoo Haaah!

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  1. Bottom line, they fail. The T5 was designed for use behind 6 and 4 cylinder engines, not V8's. The stock or mildly built 302 is one thing, a 351W makes much more torque, causing that much more strain on the weak link. I've shattered T5's without the aid of slicks or even being on a race track. They suck and I'll never use one in any of my built cars again, provided that car weighs more than 2600 lb. or isn't built for serious power, or both.
  2. Manual rack and some new suspension parts takes care of any "touchiness"...

    No help for Wart, he'd cry if he saw my automotive work from my younger days, 5lb sledge hammer was my friend.

    And in my opinion, how long a T5 lasts will all depend on how it's driven and a little luck. The T-5 behind my 302 in my Mach 1 is starting to make funny bearing noises after about 20K miles of abusive driving on a transmission that was already used when I got it.

  3. Oh Hell, Darryl.

    I cry when I remember some of the crap I did in my younger days. But thats it, Younger days.

    I learned better.

    Beat to fit, paint to match no longer works for me.

    The people it still works for should own Chevies or FoxStangs.
  4. I replaced my entire suspension front and rear, K-member and all, including a Flaming River rack. Had it aligned at the highest rated shop I could get it to and still, mat the go pedal and pray, even from a 50mph roll! :D Of course, it was a 408 making over 500rwhp(and a Fox chassis). :p

    Steering was so poor I took it off the road entirely for fear I'd crash it and hurt someone. It will change lanes at the hint of any turn of the wheel. Rear kicks right, car goes left. On the track it did the same thing, but was no issue really, just surprising the 1st and 2nd passes. If you're not ready for it at low speeds, you may end up heading the wrong direction. :notnice:
  5. well, its already a manual rack. What suspension upgrades do I need?? and If I put an air locker in there, would that fix much of it?? I know a bit of the shiftyness is due to the chassis flex, but is it enough to feel it like that??
  6. Another silly problem

    Well last weekend I had everything in including a new Powermaster Starter. I figured I should put a new starter in because it is such a pain to put in. Well guess what?? The new starter didnt work. After throwing a few tools around the garage (Craftsman is good at replacing them) I decided to pull it all out and get it done AGAIN.

    I should be runing this thing this weekend. :banana:

    I am not hard on my card but also am not afraid of mashing the pedal when I feel the need for speed. The T-5 should last a while. I dont plan on putting slicks on it and am going to run the stock 28 year old tires for this season. I do plan on getting crazy over the winter with tubs, slicks 9" and other fun stuff. But for now, I just wanna make some noise with this thing. :banana:

    Anyways, back to work. :spot:
  7. The transmission should last you a good while as long as you don't catch gears all day.

  8. Or dump/ side step the clutch and stuff.
  9. My original RAD4 last me about 2 months of driving easy while I broke the warmed over 306 in. It last about 2 weeks after it was broken in.