almost had a encounter with a 96-98 Cobra last night

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  1. on my way home last night from dinner with my gf there was a 96-98 Cobra right along side me for quite some time not going we came around a turn to a place decent enough to punch it there must have beeen an accident up the road, going the other way (were on a pretty main road, 3 lanes in each diection) cuz there is like 6-7 Cops and some tow trucks....well that squashed the racing chances....but anyway, what do you think my chances would have been from a roll....maybe 35-50mph....
  2. Chance of the Cobra being completely stock are pretty slim and seeing as that car stock would probably have beat you I'd have to say chances are that you woulda lost.
  3. i figured i would have lost...but what do the 96-98 Cobras run stock???...i know in 98 they got a hp boost correct??
  4. yeah, I believe they were rated at 300 hp at the crank. Times I would say are generally in the high to mid 13s. Of course everyone and their mother is gonna say thats wrong and that they got this and that time but thats a general idea.
  5. well with my bolt ons i should prolly be able to run in the high 13's....when i add pulleys and gears definatly mid 13's with traction....
  6. from a roll you would have been the line it would have been a far race...they rev high but don't have the lowend tq of a 302...i beat on to 30mph once then there was some cars coming.
  7. GEARS.. Are what u need to beat stock or near stock Cobras. All my mods in my sig come out to 249rwhp my friend with a 98 cobra O/R X, Throttle body, and catback put down 279rwhp. So they are no joke. From a stop or slow 1st gear roll we are pretty dead even but i can usually get him. But on the freeway he usually gets me. So it could have been even depending on what he had done and what MPH u were at.
  8. They run 98-100mph bone stock, and can hit 103-104 with the common mods. From a stop if you got traction you might get a ok jump, but once you have to go into 3rd he would probably pull on you. Even with your mods you may still be in the 14's since you have the stock 3.08's.
  9. 96-98 Cobra's run roughly the same times as the 99+ GT's. High 13's to low 14's. I asked the guys in the 4.6 forums and that's what they told me, so that's the info from the guys who really should know.

    Unfortunately I've never gotten the chance to race one. There are a couple around here but I've had no luck getting beside one of them when they're in the mood to play. I can't wait to eat my first snake!!
  10. the 96-98 cobra's are faster then the Gt's....I have beat a few 99+ GT's on the's funny i get much better traction on the street then at the track but oh well
  11. i saw this thread and just decided to jump in, so anyways, when my cobra was bone stock, i ran 13.9 at 100 with a 2.3 60'. then with exhust, ran 13.6 @ 101.95 with a 2.1 60. both runs were on kumo 711 street tires, with bad track prep cause i got lazy and didnt feel like doin anymore work that day. but what everyone is sayin is right, 4 vavles are not really good at low rpms, but fro a roll, about 4 grand and up, (speed dependin on gears) the cobras come ALIVE!best bet for ya, is 3.73s and DR's from a stop, and hope he spins.