Almost lost a classic FSB

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  1. One of my buddies almost lost his 78 or 79 Fullsize Bronco to a fire yesterday. Zach's Bronco (very nice, very clean) was parked next to a Nissan POS PickUp that burned asunder. Smoke everywhere, and Zach was yelling "Holy S***!!!!" as he ran to save it. That was exciting..... Anyone else have any close calls???

  2. Let it be a lesson.

    Forget rubber hoses between the tank and carb. We spend hundreds and even thousands on our rides and do stupid stuff.

    Recently had a buddy burn his '67 to the ground because he was stupid.


  3. The wrong person would have been learning the lesson in this case.

    Zach's (very nicely built) Bronco was sitting next to a (I won't say "new" but certainly "contemporary") Nissan P/U which actually "lit itself" while parked in the parking lot of a local Sam's Club (where Zach works). Fortunately, my wife and the kids (including NoKitten) were there and were able to alert Zach to the activity outside; whereupon he demonstrated his past successes in track and field by making a quick trip through the shopping crowd to the lot in order to move his Bronco just before the FD arrived.

    Would have been a shame....kid has been working hard to properly build his truck; only to have it (thankfully almost) get burnt down by somebody's DD. :nonono:

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  4. .... A lesson to whom? Surely, the one who owned that Nissan POS that burnt, but (as StDr stated) Zach's Bronco is dmnd close to cherry. I never meant to imply that this fire was in any way Zach's fault. I think some should consider what they post before they post it. And always read everything carefully.