Almost stock and LOVING it.

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  1. Just got my car back running good again after about a week of it being out and I never knew the car could idle so well.I was always used to the idle surging and stalling with the heads on, and now with the stock heads back on when I let off of the gas it drops right down to 900rpm and stays there. Doesnt even think about moving. I forgot what it was like to be able to jump in a car and drive without having to fight anything. I'm defently not out of the performance game, but for right now having a reliable car is a lot more pratical. As of right now I'm keeping my turbo kit... Might clean up the pipes some more and maybe try to move the turbo down some.

    long live factory parts :spot:
  2. thats great, do you have stock internals on that thing too?? if so I may try and build a turbo kit, what kind of supporting mods did you do to your car...

    Hope you have fun with it, I'm just getting into modding my stang, and I am so excited its not funny!!!
  3. Stock internals are still in my car with 132k miles on them and they still look to be in great shape which suprises me. For the turbo I had 42lb injectors, 225 pump, FPR, and a tweecer, even with a really rich tune it still blew a HG. I say really rich because I got about 20 miles to a 1/4 tank of gas.

    The stock internals dont do to well against detonation, so I got lucky that it took out the HG instead. Be careful, have fun, and make sure you research! I thought I knew enough, most people said blown HG comes from the car running too lean, so I make it rich and it still happened. Be patient, take your time, and make sure you have everything sorted out.
  4. one hell of a project
  5. so 1105...are you bone stock again?...or what performance mods are still on there?
  6. I believe its everything from his sig minus the heads. My question is. Did you go back to stock roller rockers. I don't know if those TFS RR's are stud or pedestal.

  7. just took off the heads and turbo...

    I put the stock E7 heads back on, stock pushrods, and stock rockers which are not roller rockers. The TFS rockers are stud mount.

    I have an eddy intake, TFS stage 1 cam in there still, full exhaust, 3.73's, 42lb injectors and MAF :banana: need to tune a lot of fuel out.