Alot of your guys cars in this streetfire vid

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  1. Didnt know if you guys have seen this or not. it says its a tribute to 87-93 stangs.. and has alot of stangnet members cars in it.

    [​IMG]Click here to see Video
  2. I seen sonic and d-man... as well as 5 other dudes that I can't remember their screen names... SWEAR I was looking at my fathers powerplant for a while... but it turned out not to be.
  3. that red gt with the black 18inch bullets looks so sick
  4. NIce vid!!
  5. Very cool vid! The teal lx hatch I believe is a guy from hear but cant remember his name, it was the guy who built the twin turbo last year and someone hit him and totaled it out shortly after he finished it.
  6. tt91? wasnt that his name? he has that nice as saleen now
  7. You are correct, 554HP in that teal lx:hail2: Really sucks it got wrecked, I dont think he even had the final tuning done on it.
  8. i didn't see my car:shrug: :shrug: lol im just joking there are some nice rides so has a lot of stangnet guys made it in the pages of mm&ff ??
  9. x10
  10. ya that teal car is inda10's car, he's on turbomustangs. i also seen dmans car and the car right after it is brads car "brads coupe" is his name on turbomustangs i think. wasnt joes car there too?
  11. was very sweet but it missed one thing. 4 eyes. I guess it was a 87-93 tribute.
  12. I have a video of it if you wanna see...
  13. I saw a bunch of SN cars in there. Nice vid, wish my car was nice enough to make it in there :)
  14. Some I noticed:
    Sirsureshot a/k/a tt91
    Underpressure a/k/a Joe
    and a ton of others whose names escape me ......
  15. nice, i made the cut!
  16. If they only knew what yours looked like! :D
  17. Actually he made like 200+ over that. That was on 7 cylinders due to a faulty injector. He put down like 750 right before it was wrecked I believe with the 331 A4 block. Sick car indeed
  18. noiceeeeeeee :nice:
  19. slap me in the face why don't ya? Go ahead, f*** my GF, and steal my food... thats how I feel by not being in that vid...