SN95 Alright 94/95's Let's See Some Pics.

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  1. image.jpg I'll join you in case no one else does!
    Not much SN95 love these days
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  2. Nah there sure isn't bro. Limited model run I suppose. Kinda sucks when shopping aftermarket parts too.
  3. Ha dang. Just 2
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  4. 20140512_093709.jpg

    It'll be a little bit til I get into another 94 GT.
  5. IMG_0824.JPG IMG_0824.JPG 95 Mustang GT 5.0 automatic
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  6. Did I miss something? That blows really bad. Did this happen after you posted that terrific step by step thread on how to replace the right quarter?

  7. How about 2 SNs?????


    The SN Mustang, it's the Fox +1.

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  8. @revhead347 yeah, drunk driver ran into it parked outside my apartment just over a month ago.

    Frame, rear end, two wheels and coilover suspension all destroyed.
  9. Now I remember that thread. That sucks man.

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  10. My old '95... Really wish I would have had the balls to tackle the suspension back then. Those cars look killer when super low, and mine had the ugliest front fender/tire gap.



    I had removed the center console, and trimmed the bottom of the dash to look good without it. Never did take a finished pic though.



    Engine was stock with ported GT40P heads, 1.72 RR's, and a Street Heat intake.

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  11. Which has the 347, the yellow?
  12. Yeah, the yellow one.

  13. What's the story w the red gal?
  14. The fox's photos have over 2k replies. We're at 14 and a couple of em are non photos
  15. I love the 94-95 model cause of the dash clock.
  16. That's my buddies Cobra. It's clean. About to do an engine for it.

  17. Yeah it's pretty. Going back w a 302?
  18. Yeah. Just a 302.