Alright...fess-up! Who are you trying to impress??

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  1. I know this 2005 Mustang is a hit with multi-generations, both male and female, so post your reasons for wanting or buying the new pony! I don't want to hear about specs. and such, I WANT THE TRUTH!!! THE DEEP DOWN, UNCENSORED TRUTH! I want to know where you are in life(don't have to give your age, but indicate teens, 20s, ect), and what are you hoping to gain by driving such a car. I'll start:
    I'm in my 30s w/ wife and 3-kids and ,presently, I'm going through a career change. I believe one's car is an extension of one's personality. I am hoping this car will help motivate me. It should make me excited to get up and go in the morning, which is hard when you are basically having to "start over" in your career. I didn't want to project an image of weakness such as a mid-life-crises-corvette buyer would, but rather, I wanted to project an image of practicaility-without-having-2-be-boring! I am an extrovert and there is no reason why I shouldn't look like one while maintaining restraint due to my career position. I also wanted this car so I could get my daily (private) adreniline rush! Yup, I like to makes me feel happy, but not in public where my collegues might catch a glimpse :D . I'm also hoping to get noticed by the opposite sex, not because I'm looking, but because it just flat-out is a self-esteem builder. I don't think anyone would argue this point-it's good to feel sexy, and the 2005 mustang is a sexy ride! This car has the ability fit multiple personalities: it can be a somewhat conservative ride for some, while being a balls-out-in-your-face ride for others, all without looking stupid or forced(i.e. rice or pasta).

    Don't be away!!1
  2. I'm getting a new '05 because i like having the car everyone notices you in. I've already been dubbed "yellow mustang girl" everywhere i've lived with my '99, and now where i am now, i'm the only yellow stang around. So the new '05 will be yellow, and i don't care that everyone thinks i'm a slight moron because we have 4 feet of snow here in the winter (ski resort), and it's not a very practical ride... it's a hot car and it makes me feel good driving it. I don't want some stupid boring grey SUV like everyone else damnit. I want a hotter car than all the guys here, now that is a fun feeling, when your car is better than all the boys. I want another mustang. I love them & i love driving them even more! :p oh, and i'm 21 :nice:
  3. While I won't be purchasing an '05, I will be purchasing an '06 GT or Special Edition. So why will I be purchasing a new mustang....

    I am 25, single, and work in the IT field. I have a 65 coupe that is going through a complete restomod right now, I am talking new engine (over 450hp), 5 speed tranny, Wilwood brakes all the way around, all new suspension, etc, etc. It will be on the road this spring. The new Mustangs have a classic throw-back style that is just beautiful. While I don't think any car will make me grin like I do when I am driving my '65, the new Mustang will come pretty damn close. The only other car that will look good sitting next to my black '65 is a my black '06 :nice:

    I have a passion for Mustangs. The car is a true American icon. Camaros, Trans-Ams, T-Birds, GTOs have all come and gone but the Mustang has been with us since its inception. Hell, it even made it through the mid and late 70s!!! There is just so much history surrounding the car. The only other American car to rival the Mustang in its long history is the Vette. It is truely amazing how one little car that hit showroom floors in April of 1964 has affected so many people.

    Once you purchase a Mustang, you immediatly become a member of one large family. I have sat there and talked to complete strangers about my or their Mustang for hours. I enjoy going to car shows and just talking cars with other people.

    OP, from reading your post, I don't believe that you have ever owned a Mustang before. The reason that I say that is because of your reasons on purchasing an '05. Had you already owned a Mustang, your reasons of purchase would be much like mine above. The only bad thing about owning one Mustang is that you will soon want to add another to the stable, but how bad could that be :shrug: You will find many people that own more than one Mustang.


  4. I think you were talking to me? Did you mean Dp? anyway. Yes i have a mustang it's a 99 and i've had it since it was born (see part of car next to horse, unmistakably a mustang duh), but he said he didn't want to hear about the "specs" part of it, it was my understanding that this was the "things you wouldn't normally tell someone, selfish part of it" hahaha. I feel the same ways about mustangs as you do, but the above reasons are my "deep down uncensored" silly superficial reasons. Geesh, live a little and have some fun, it's not serious all the time. :rolleyes: This thread is supposed to be fun, not "tell someone you don't think they own a mustang because they weren't talking about the 'mustang family' etc part of it" thats silly and elitest. If you want to see my car, look in classifieds, i just posted it for sale. :rolleyes:
  5. I totally agree that a car is an extension of one's personality. I'm a month away from 23, a little over a year out of college and getting acquainted with "the real world"...and I'm not referring to that crap on MTV :D

    I am firefighter, and every time I walk in to the station, I'm asked "did you order it yet?" People are actually excited that I'm buying a Mustang. If I walked in and said I'm ordering a $45k SUV, no one would care. When I drive down the street, I pay attention to other cars on the road. I see people driving "just another car" with no personality, and if that's what the driver wants, that's cool with me. But the stang, along with other cars, has a personality which will be defined differently by every single stang owner out there.

    You can sit in an "ordinary car" it's just that, ordinary. It only serves a functional purpose, and that's getting you from point A to point B. When I sit in a Mustang, on the other hand, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

    This isn't a knock on anyone who doesn't like the Mustang, because it's all in the eye of the beholder. A Mustang does it for me, an RX-8 for someone else, a GTO for someone else.
  6. Since I've always had some sort of Mustang, I can never be accused of "having a mid-life crisis"(not old enough either) and for me to own a Mustang is just a matter of fact, my life would not be the same. I own one(or two) because its "my thing" never because "its cool" or to get noticed. I love the car.
    btw, I'm 30ish not 40ish.
  7. I hope to buy a an '05, but may have to wait for an '06. Anyway, I want one besause I am addicted to rear drive V8 cars with manual transmissions. I'm 31, single, no kids. I have had 3 late model cars to date (1990 GT 'vert, 2000 V6, 1998 GT) two of which I still own. I grew up around muscle cars. My father owns a Ford dealership. To me a Mustang is a way of life. I live in Upstate NY and winters can (and do) suck. But I still drive my Mustangs year round (not the '90 though). The '05 would be parked in winter though. :D

    If the opposite sex takes notice that's cool, but it isn't the driving force for me to want the car. Torque, horsepower and technology are the driving force for me. The thrill of the driving experience is what it's about.
  8. You got me all wrong. First off, I said that I didn't think that the OP (Original Poster) had a Mustang. Obviously, we all enjoy looking good, turning heads in our cars, is just flat out fun. If we didn't car how people viewed us then we all wouldn't shower, wear dirty clothes, and drive Civics :D

    What attracted me to my '65 Mustang is its looks. It is a badass car and I enjoy turning heads with it. However, at the time I bought the car, I was not aware of the "hidden" things that come with owning a Mustang. These being the things that I noted in my first post. When I buy my '06 it will be because it is a badass car and I will enjoy turning heads with it. However, I also enjoy the heritage and other "perks" that come along with it. You don't truely understand or appreciate those perks until you own your first Mustang.


  9. You couldn't have said it better! Nothing beats carving the corners on a lonely country road!


  10. oops ok sorry i'm new to this board thingie, i didn't know what OP meant. Yeah i never realized the heritage part of mustangs until i bought mine either... and i have to agree it's pretty cool. I discovered that one day when a couple random people driving mustangs waved at me on the highway for no reason other than the car, yeah, you don't get that driving a civic or something else! I also find it gets me some cool perks in the way of being a girl in the car world. Mechanics etc try to jerk all my girlfriends around with their cars, because they think they don't know anything about them... but i've found that i usually get immediate respect driving mine in, they always start up some "car talk" convos with me and i think it's really neat because i do try to stay informed as far as knowing about my car and being able to fix stuff myself and do neat stuff with it.

    When i was buying the '99 (when i was 16 years old) everyone told me not to do it... that it would be a crappy car and break down really fast. How wrong that was... i have put 170,000 miles on mine, and it has yet to leave me on the side of the road somewhere. It's been the most reliable car out of all my friends/family etc. hah, stang proved them wrong. That is one BIG reason why i am buying another... you can't really put a value on a super reliable car thats fun to drive and (really) nice looking. I'm a stang girl for life now! My only regret is that i can't afford to keep more than one pony in the garage at a time :(

  11. First off welcome to the board. :D
    Secondly, WOW, 170,000 miles. Thats great! I'm not surprised however and am glad to see that your Mustang is proving all the naysayers wrong(once again) We all get grief from people about owning a Mustang, based on poor information and assumptions. Like you, my Mustangs(and Fords in general) have always been great performing and long lasting cars. That alone is enough to buy another everytime. Yeah, there are some better cars, but for the price, styling and heritage nothing beats a Mustang these days or in the past either.
  12. I swore I would never own Mustang. Mostly because I thought they were unattractive (no offense). I am being lured to the dark side.

    I have been trying to decide what car I want for a while now and knew I wanted something that had speed, agility, and wasn't something the guy next door had. There's no doubt in my mind what car I want now. I have NEVER had a car stop me dead in my tracks like the 2005 Mustang. This is the best looking, most well thought car ever. I love everything about it. Mine will be a Sonic Blue GT. I might not be able to get one till '06 though. I can't stand the wait! :banana:
  13. The Fox body has been around (in one form or another) since 1978 (the Fairmont) and it's been continually improved upon all along. It's life span has been longer than the Model T's was. Any product with that kind of shelf life that get regular refinement get's to the point where it doesn't really break down much anymore. Fox Mustangs are FANTASTIC cars. I know of a 1988 Gt in my area that has over 250,000 miles on it and the engine has been rebuilt only once. A freind of mine does the maintenance on it and he says it drives like a car with half it's miles. Out of every car that has passed through the Ford dealership my Father owns, the Mustang has been the most trouble free. I almost never see a Mustang in for anything more than regular maintenance.

    Hopefully the new chassis will prove as trouble free. :nice:
  14. Hmmm...based on the posted age ranges in this thread I think I may the old fart here! Neither my wife nor I had really fun vehicles when we were in our teens and 20s. Not that we couldn't have them but I was always more of a jeep/truck kind of guy and my wife's mom bought her a very practical Honda Civic sedan when she went off to college. We've had nothing but "sensible" cars since and now that we're in our early 40s and a bit more affluent (not making big bucks but certainly we're in the comfortable range now) we decided it's time for something fun but still in the generally affordable realm. We've driven 03-04 Mustangs before through rentals and liked them but when we saw the 05s we knew that was the car for us. We're not reliving our youth as many older (later 40s-50s) potential Mustang buyers are...we're just out for some fun!
  15. Actually, I have owned an 87 conv. GT and my wife had an 88GT when we got married. Truth be told, I didn't really like these cars except for 1st and 2nd gear from a stop. Since that time I have had alot of ***. sports cars, which i very much liked, and my last sports car was a 1985 Carrera Targa, bought in 2000 and sold in 2002-this was a show car/weekender only. see: mine is on front page and in the "car show" section. This new Mustang is different from ALL of the cars I have owned, I expect, and really suits my personality at this stage in life. As for the perks....pretty much any performance car has a club associated with it and you can always find comraderie from other car enthusiasts. We all know what the specs. are on these and other makes of cars. What I want to know is WHY is the mustang the right choice for you, really? What do you expect to gain by having one?
  16. I am buying an 05 because I love mustangs. I have been into mustangs since I was 13 and my mother bought an 83 gl. She used to street race it quite a bit (Back in the early 80's). I've had other cars. But none of them has had the same sense of friendship when you get around other owners of the same car. I think the 05 will make a perfect addition to the stable (Though the 97 will have to go).
  17. Yep!! I am so amazed. I love it to death. Seriously the only thing it has needed was a new engine fan (because some of the blades broke) and it was like $350 after install. So $350 unschedualed matinence in it's life is pretty super as far as i'm concerned. I haven't even put a new battery/etc in it ever and it starts up perfectly every time. All it's gotten is new tires, brakes, and oil changes.

    Although some jerk bashed in one of my tail lights the night after halloween. :bang: little jerk vandals, if i find out who it was ooooh they're gonna have some explaning to do... i still haven't put a new one in... anyone know an affordable place to buy them? Dealer wants $115 for the part and i think thats kind of steep.
  18. Personally,I don't think I'm trying to "gain" anything. I believe its more of holding on to the person I am. See as long as I can look over the hood of a Mustang, I will always be "that kid" inside. Alot of guys give up the sports cars after marriage, leaving that part of life behind. I find little comfort in that. Even at 33, I guess the more I hang onto what is truly me, the less I change in my mind. Now, I have matured(somewhat) but, that underlying "kid" still wants to drive that V-8 Mustang.

  19. I'm feelin' you ....that's the kind of response I'm looking for.
  20. That's not that bad. Some taillights are a lot more.

    All I hope to gain is personal satisfaction.