Alright...fess-up! Who are you trying to impress??

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  1. I'm not trying to impress anyone. I've just been waiting twenty years for Detroit to build a 2 door RWD V8 car that isn't a piece of crap. Seems like it finally happened.
  2. Great thread. :nice:

    I'm in my 20's, and I have a certain obsession with cars. It's hard for me to say what will be my next car, but that isn't to say that I'm uneducated on what's out there. Just the opposite, I know how many great cars I could choose from, and I just can't make a decision yet. But for me the '05 Mustang GT is a serious consideration. I owned a '97 V6 Mustang for about 7 months until I had an unfortunate encounter with a general repair shop that didn't know what they were doing. Needless to say that ended badly, but even so that car made me a Mustang fan. And I think the raw power and character that the new GT has might be enough incentive for me.

    However, I can't really say that I'm trying to impress anyone. That's not really my motivation. It's just that the better the car is, the more I enjoy driving it.
  3. My response is a lot simpler than most seem to be. I'm 23 and have wanted a 1967 GT350 since I was like 5. I couldn't, however, afford to buy one in good condition, or afford to maintain one. Plus I wouldn't want to drive it every day. The 05 lets me get a car very similar to the one I've wanted with all the reliability of a modern car. I didn't like any Mustangs after 1970, before 1994, and if I were to get a car from the 70's or 80's it would have probably been a Firebird. I love exotic high performance cars (i.e. Ferrari) and would jump at the chance to get my hands on a Testarossa, but like the GT350 comment, it wouldn't be a good car to drive around in daily. I've never owned a Mustang before, and this would be only my 2nd car (currently driving a 98 Mitsu Galant) but I plan on keeping it for as long as possible. I'm not one who needs to get a new "hot" car because it's the current trend, I get what I want, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. In this case I can't get people to stop asking me if it's here yet. :)
  4. Since I was 15 I have owned an 87 GT and a 92 GT, but when it came time to mature in life (buying a house) i had to suffer the loss of my "toys" to buy the house. I miss the days of old hanging w/ the other mustang people (ie. car shows, working on the mustangs, and just chatting about them). Since I bought the house, i got married and have 1 child. I said to my wife that at some point I would get my "toys" back. I figure since I have already owned 2 GT's that I would hold out until the new Cobra's come out. For that reason I guess I will have to be anxiously patient untill 06 or 07 to start turning a wrench my new Cobra. Maybe I can re-live some of those days of driving and owning a Mustang. Not to mention that mod bug that bites you every time you get a Mustang. :D
  5. I bought my 2001 Mustang GT because I love the style. I really love the Bullitt rims and the huge hood and side scoops on my car. Plus, the sides and the rear of my Mustang GT looks a lot like the 69 Mustang fastback. The 69 Mach 1 fastback is my favorite Mustang. I also like the 260 horsepower output that I can get on this type of car for a really reasonable price. Other cars cost more and offer the same horsepower if not less.

    I also bought my 2001 Mustang GT so I can show it off at all the various swingers parties that I go to every month. Most swingers in my area drive SUV's or sedans. My Mustang GT is very unique within the swinger scene. It has made me more popular with a lot of the women who come to the swingers parties and I really love that. I just got back from a swingers party in Conn. that worked out really well for me because lots of the girls there were Mustang enthusiasts.
  6. Dude, you have got to be ***kin' kidding me. I read the first line thinking "cool comments" then get to this :lol:
    I don't give anybody much crap, but you bring this crap on yourself.
  7. Here are my multitude of reasons:

    • I've owned 4 Mustangs (2 60's, 2 80's Foxes) and always loved the Mustang. First one I had when I was 17 was a '66 2+2 (fastback to you heathens)
    • I saw the Trilogy video before I knew the 2005 was all new... when I saw it, I said "GOTTA HAVE IT"
    • When I said that, my wife responded "You should get one"
    • I haven't had a V8 stick since 1991 when I sold my '88 GT
    • I just turned 40 in October. The first fastbacks were 1965 model year, sold in the fall of 1964. So I got the 40th year fastback for my 40th birthday
    • First Mustang in a while where you can say most people look at it and "get it" and know it's a mustang
    • 2005 needs no giant molded MUSTANG wording on it, it just "is"

    I have 2 kids, both young enough to squeeze into the back. They love the car, my wife loves it, I love it.

  8. Well I would like to get an 05 Mustang GT, but I think I will wait until the 07 Cobra comes out. I fell in love with the 95 Cobra R & 10L Boss, since then I have been hooked.
  9. I know what you are saying VOORHEES, but I am a very loose and open person when it comes to having relationships. I don't think that I should be ashamed of myself in here because I am a swinger. I am a free spirit and I don't mind telling people about my swinging experiences. I have a lot of fun swinging with other women. Swinging is a big business in America. There are lots of swinging clubs around where people can go and have fun. That's what I like doing once or twice a month to unwind from my hectic business schedule.
  10. the 05 will most likely impress 40-50 year old women
  11. Because it is fun

    Because it is fun. I spent 26 years all over the world, had a great time renting BMW's on the Autobahn, but something was missing. Then I spent weeks in the hospital, almost died, and I decided then and there that all the money in the world won't help you--so I pre-ordered a Black GT Prem. It got here, and yes it is really fun. If I, or you, die tomorrow, don't you want to have had your first kiss? So if you can afford it, the kids are fed, the house is provided--just buy a GT for the fun of it.

    Isn't this a great country

    Lt Col Arndt, out :flag:
  12. Hey Itccardnt,

    I am sorry to hear that you almost died. I hope that everything is okay and that you are all right now. What happened to you that you had to spend weeks in the hospital and almost died? Did you have an accident or a battle with an illness? I was just curious.

    I feel just like you. I like to enjoy my life to the fullest. I just ordered a brand new 2005 Mustang GT which is being shipped out to Piraeus, Greece for me to drive when I go to Greece and to the Greek Islands every winter/springtime season. I learn to enjoy life because we have a very short life here on Earth. We can go any day. Enjoy your Mustang. You are doing the right thing.
  13. I like it

    I don't think you should get a car to impress anyone. You should get it because ya like it.


    Yes! Ohh, ha, ha, ha! I like it!
  14. When i finished college my first car was a 1970 mach 1 , to make a long story short .69 GT350,66GT350,70GT500,2-70BOSS302,01Cobra,03Mach1,non ford 64 GTO,70SS454LS6,69Z28,78Porsche911SC,79Ferrari308GSI,67Corvette427-400coupe,66Corvette427coupe,97C5corvette,and now after 35 years a 05 black GT back to where it all started.
  15. Im 23 and grew up around cars. My favorite cars are the older muscle/pony cars for the 60's and early 70's. I decided to buy an '05 cause it reminded me of the old '68 Mustangs. And I cant afford to have another project car around, so the '05 better fits what I want.
  16. Hey watch,

    You definitely have a good taste for cars. I have a Ferrari 308 GTS sitting in my garage at my house in Santorini. I usually drive the Ferrari all over the island when I'm in Greece. It's a really nice tight car. I've ordered the 2005 Mustang GT and am going to be using it in Greece when I go island hopping.
  17. [Off-topic] PRed, bragging doesn't make you "cool" it makes you look like a tool. Keep talkin about scoops like they make you drool. Who are you trying to impress? You sound like a d*** fool.

    Want more? :)


    Sorry guys, I get annoyed when people strive for attention like that. Back to the discussion about Mustangs and not about Real Estate or loose 40yr old women.

    [/off topic]
  18. You have to understand he isn't bragging. He's just standing up for himself. Here a quote from another thread.

    "I aint bragging about anything. It's just that some of the other retards who hang out in here want to challenge me about my success in life. And when that happens, I have to stand up for myself."
  19. ^I can understand that, but it doesn't need to be restated in every post. I'm fine with someone being successful, but I don't find it necessary for them to talk about it in every single post. Maybe being that successful gives him little time to talk to people about stuff so he has to get it out here, I don't know.
  20. I think you missed the sarcasm in that post. I'm just pointing out that he is bragging and not "defending" himself. As he has said he is in a previous thread.