Alright...fess-up! Who are you trying to impress??

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  1. Why an 05 Stang?

    Growing up I always loved the older Mustangs and even tried to pick one up now and then but the sellers were always out to try and rip me off.

    I then had a series of really crappy retail jobs and thought I would end up a retail manager for some chain store. Thankfully, the Y2K flaw became a possible problem and that allowed this girl to go from making barely enough to live on to owning her own home and now being able to look at new cars. Unfortunately the 1998 Mustangs did not impress me. It seemed boxy and lacked the style I was looking for at the time (no slam on anyone else, just not my cup of tea).

    Last year I saw pics of the upcoming car and I was absolutely in heaven and have been waiting since.

    I like to have a car I think looks good, makes me look good, and will perform when needed. My ZX2 has fit that bill nicely and if I am going to replace it, then I am going to get what I want. I almost went with an RX8 but decided against it in order to wait.

    Plus it will be funny to see the guys at work drool over the hottest looking car in the parking lot. :D Then there will be the locals who will do a double take once they see it's not a Bubba at the steering wheel. LOL
  2. The only person that I have ever tried to impress by buying a car (or any other thing) is, myself. If anyone else happens to be impressed too that's nice, but I really don't care.
  3. Not trying to impress anyone when I DO own an 05 or 06--it'll be a college graduation present to myself... slightly used, 3 years old, or maybe spring for a nice 07 or 08 Cobra.

    Been into cars since I was old enough to see over the hood, and I'm just dead shocked at the reliability that I've seen from Mustangs. Mine (89 LX hatch) has 194k miles on it, WITHOUT a rebuild of anything except the transmission, and a 3.55 gear swap about 20k miles ago. The engine, as far as I know (which is pretty good--I bought it from a friend who owned it for 6 years, who bought it from HIS friend), is all original down to the head-gaskets. Another Mustang I drove for 2 days while I was waiting for an alternator for my truck (an 88GT this time) had 224k miles on it, and WAS DEFINITELY all-original, with absolutely no problems.

    I've always been into the classic Mustangs, and never been able to afford one... so this new body style blends everything I liked about the classics (I'm a sucker for the old 350 R's and the new GT350SR) and a totally modern drivetrain and convenience features...

    It'll look GREAT in Sonic Blue with white stripes, next to (eventually) my blue/white 66 GT-350 and my (soon-to-be) blue/white 89 LX... which is basically turning into a more modern GT-350 anyway.

    As for the whole "Mustang family" thing, I can agree with that feeling--I've had people come up to me out of nowhere, when I'm sitting outside TCBY or they'll just yell out at a stop-light, and we'd start talking about our cars. The feelings of "Hey somebody appreciates this car ALMOST as much as I do," really make me feel good.

    But when it comes down to it, I like Mustangs just because I DO. There's no real way to describe it.
  4. the bigger picture for me...

    the draw of the mustang in my eyes is the piece of american history that it is.

    the first mustang i sat in and had a ride in was a restored '69 grande'. just riding in it, as crude as the cars from that era really are, i felt something about the experience that i had never felt in any other vehicle before.

    the car is nuts, bolts, plastics, metals....but it has a essence, a soul that is there and alive. i think it comes from the years worth of people and their lives being effected and involved with this car.

    I feel the mustang represents the American way of life, the American pursuit, American ingenuity and a long list of other truths, heritage and social bindings that few other cars ever produced can even come close to.

    A Mustang has been a part of every aspect, some good, some bad of American life.

    From another stand-point, for all our respective life-times, these cars will have parts and service support. The Mustang has one of the largest, if not the largest aftermarket support. We will not be without parts or mods for the rest of our lives.

    I work at a performance shop. I get to test drive various performance cars. Only a handfull of them really effect me and make me feel like the car is more then just nuts and bolts.

    I'm planning on buying another performance car or something to turn into a performance car. I won't make my final decision until I have cash in hand, but my list is short:

    1. 6th Gen Mustang
    2. MKIV Supra
    3. DeLorean

    For the two latter cars, both are different and unique in their own respects. I keep thinking that I will only be able to own one "performance" car, but I really love the way the Mustang makes me feel, the Supra is like owning a super model, if you can't handle it you shouldn't own one :p and then there is the DeLorean...a underpowered exotic of sorts, but to be addressed through a GM turboed 4cyl Ecotec and a Porsche transaxle..the car gets attention everywhere and is a rolling time machine of the ups and downs of the early 80s ;)

    So, for me, it really comes down to the "feel" of the car. The Mustang has it, and the rest that do that are mass produced at $30k or less are countable on one hand.
  5. Geat thread.....

    As for my reasons. Well, I have to admit this here and now. I have never liked Ford products... ever ever ever ever....exect for the Mustang and the old Cobra. I swore to drive a Chevy truck till the day I die.

    But that was until I stumbled across Brad's site.WOW is all I could say. I was married the time I found out about it and my wife said that Ill never get one. Well, im again single and pick mine up in a week if all goes well.

    I joke by telling people that Im starting my midlife crisis early, (seeing that I'm 29). I told everyone that Im getting this car, going to learn a couple of songs on guitar and start working out, and have my crisis done by 30..... hahaha. Not really. I am so impressed that with this car that I had to have one. I really want one to have fun in. Im tired of trucks and once I finially sat in the Mustang and took my first look across the hood I knew I would enjoy it. So i've emptied my garage and am getting reaty to paint the ford logo on the floor with an outline of the running horse. Talk about a convert!!!!!!

    Anyways, I dont want it to impress anyone but if it does, hey why not enjoy it! I cant wait to get mine and join the cult :nice:

    Oh yeah and by the way, I'm also a cop (see divorce) so i like driving fast thing fast, and this should be fun! (but only safely of course) ;)
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  7. Oh, come on, don't be so uptight Stanger, have some fun. :D

    Now would be a good time to rag on Performance Red for only being able to afford a crappy old Ferrari 308. Everyone I know got rid of their tiny underpowered 308s years ago. Anyone I know who has real money drives a brand new 360 while wintering in Greece. If they really had money they have a 575M in their garage too for the days they are too bored of their 360 to drive it. Sounds like you have to roll a few more forclosures, Performance Red, so you can keep up with the Theodopolous's when your over in Greece this winter. :rlaugh:
  8. Well after a '65, '66 gt,'69, '70 mach, '70 shelby,'72 mach, '72 vert,'80. '83, '86 5.0, an 05 gt just seemed to fit. i'm not sure if people are born with mustang sickness or they catch it :D

    P.S.- even if PERFORMANCE RED did own a 308, I wouldnt be impressed, I've driven one and they aren't what their cracked up to be :bs:
  9. my reasons, surprisingly, are financial. I bought a 2001 BMW M3 Convertible this spring. Not to impress anyone, but because it had been my dream car for 10+ years and I was finally at a point to afford it. It was high mileage (65k when I purchased it), and I loved it. In those 8 months, I met my future wife. We're carring on our relationship long distance while she finishes law school. I'm trying to get my life straight in order to prepare for our life together, so getting out of an exotic high mileage with high insurance made sense. Now I've got a brand new warranteed car (my first new car ever) that we *both* love (she loved the m3 too, but her first car was a 72 mach1 she rebuilt with her dad at 16). I always had a thing for classic mustangs, my mom passed on a mid 60's convertible when I was 14 that I gave her a hard time for years over. I wasn't a fan of the 80s or 90s stangs, and had developed a foreign car slant, but the 05 just kickstarted the love all over again. The plan is to pass the GT off to her when we start our life together, and I'll buy a motorcycle until we get on our feet. After that, I'm sure a cobra and more mustangs, old and new, will be in our future collection! :)

    The irony? The 05 goes in for 4k worth of upgrades tomorrow, with about double that still planned for the future. So much for saving money! ;)

    heres a couple pics, of her first, and us with the new 05:

  10. ^I'm definitely envious. I've been waiting for my mineral grey GT

    .. oh yea, your chica is pretty nice too ;)
  11. wow. alot of good responses.. as much as i want the new 05.. i jsut can't... im 19 and this new generation/ old generation is just... i dno.... leave me dumbfounded. i understand the retro version.. as nice as it looks, its just.. not appealing to a mustang guy like myself

    i would rather the new mustang have an all new, sleek one of a kind look, then combining the new and the old

    the one thing i love about the msutangs is, since the first mustang, up tot he recent, they all have the same style, except stand out in a obvious way

    ill never get tired of the fox body stang, and wish the new stang was a "new" breed.. not a mutt from past generations.

    i give u all props for wanting this new car, its a nice looking stang, and the reasons are very truthful

    my first reason for buying a muscle car, my '84 capri year and a half ago was mainly to get in with a group of kids i "wanted" to hang out with,... got the car, hung out with the guys and girls... then my passion grew from there. weird how that worked. i was originally an import guy
  12. I've heard about this with other cars. Porsche owners casually lift their fingers off the wheel and acknowledge each other in a cool but distinct glance as they drive by each other on the road. They call it the porsche wave or something like that.

    I personally have a cavalier, and we just slide down in seats and try to hide our faces from the rest of the world. I call it the Chevy Cower.
  13. :stupid: WTF...You don't like the retro look but you love the fact that all Mustangs in the past have had the same styling? Is it just me or does this a hypocritcal statement? Also, please tell me how you feel that an '88 GT notchback looks anything like an '05 GT.

    I feel that the '05 is the Mustang that 99.9% of Mustang enthusiasts have been waiting for Ford to build. While I wish that Ford would have left the side scoops and rear window scoops that were on the concept, the '05 is still of badass looking car!


  14. I just ordered an 05 GT Manual. I've never driven manual, so I figured I better learn quick!! So my friend took me out in his Wrangler. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, another Wrangler drives by. The guy actually slowed down, honked, and waved. I asked my friend if he knew the guy. He said, "No, I get that all the time. It's a Jeep thing." It was so weird, but very cool.

    Chevy Cower :rlaugh: That's hillarious. I get the same feeling in my rusted '91 blazer. But I like to think the rust adds character to the car :D
  15. Ok you ask us to be honest.

    I can't afford a Mustang or a used Yugo.

    I am using the new Mustang as a carrot - a motivation to "keep going".

    I am almost 59 years old - croaked in 1998 - (heart I was told) woke up 10 days later with the burn marks on my chest. I had been working so hard I ended up killing myself by accident lol.

    This caused all kinds of junk in my head including depression and "what for" thinking.

    I was using the idea of a new Corvette to get me out of the dumps but the fact is the econ was (still is) in the tank - about the time I was really down in the dumps - my wife told me "I am going to go find out who I am" - WHAT - total shock to me and the two girls (23 & 25).

    So - the kids got raised - all three of the girls (the kids plus the wife now ex) got education in college (yup I had all three of them in college at the same time) and I got my hopes and dreams handed back to me in a used paper bag.

    Bottom line - I am trying to see if there is one more come back in this old guy.

    I have not used credit for 15 years so I will have to come up with (earn) the cash.

    The idea of a new Mustang is just be one visual item that I made it.

    Who am I trying to impress? > ME
  16. i am buying an 05 so i can meet a supermodel,have sex,then some more,get married,divorced,meet another supermodel,and do it all over again!! :D
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  18. PerformanceLiar,

    Do everyone at Stangnet a favor and get killed tonite. Please hurry!!

  19. Well lets see, i'm 21 and i've always appreciated muscle cars for their power. I have never owned a mustang or any other american car yet. So getting this new mustang will be a big change for me but the biggest reason i'm getting it is its looks. Mustang of the past never really did anything for me styling wise but this one for some reason really attracts me to it. Plus my friends think I would look good in a muscle car and this mustang. I don't really plan on trying to use it to get girls (that's what my looks are for lol j/k)
    but ya it definately won't hurt in that area either heh
  20. i don't know why people like attention gained from an expensive purchase. they are just after your money.