Alright...fess-up! Who are you trying to impress??

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  1. ...and you're after their pu$$ it all works out in the end.
  2. :lol:
  3. My daily driver is hittin 100,000 miles and time to get a new car.

    ALthough I'm not really a car-freak, and see cars as a means to get from one place to the other. I did want to get something that would be fun to drive and has the best kick for the price range I wanted to pay. SUV's & Trucks seem to be the "in" thing right now... but i'm still a child of the 80s and prefer a nice sports car.

    Plus My job requires me to sometimes do long drives. So looking forward to this spring being able to get on the highway at 6am and spend 3-4 hours on a nice long straight highway.

    ... and if I can blow away a few ricers and impress a few nice girls who want to be bad - then all the better.
  4. sounds like you should get a dodge viper.
  5. I know exactly what it's about, I drove a Wrangler for 9 years, it's a very cool thing.

    This is a great thread, it really gets to the heart of what people not only think about the 05, but the Mustang craze in general.

    Lets see, I'm 35, married with 2 kids, house, SUV, the whole nine yards of domestic bliss. I bought my first car when I was 15, dad split the cost with me ($500), it was a 67 fastback GTA. I basically cut my teeth on that car, how to rebuild motors, and basically do a restoration. Since then, over the years, I've owned two other Stangs (76 Cobra II and a 71 Mach), an Impala, a Nova, a Galaxie, a few Japanese sportscars, the Wrangler, a Volvo (my current daily driver), and a Triumph TR6 (my current project), so I've seen a bit of everything.

    I'm planning on buying the 05 GT this summer, it will be my daily driver. I'm getting the GT premium in windveil blue and parchment interior, manual trans, IUP, base GT Bullitt style wheels. I'm not getting it to be noticed or turn heads (although thats nice if it happens), if I wanted to do that I'd just take the TR6 out. I'm buying this car because a) I'm just a big Mustang fan and b) I have very fond memories of the two years I spent when I was a kid working very closely with my dad restoring that 67, and this new Mustang brings all those memories flooding back to me. My parents were always into Stangs, dad had several 67's and a 69 Mach with the 428 CJ. My mom bought a GT brand new in 82, and I thought she was the coolest for driving it. I loved getting picked up from school and friends houses in it, and I really enjoyed talking her into doing the occasional burnout (never had to talk dad into doing them). I was never a big fan of the fox based Mustangs, I never developed the emotional attachment to them that I've had for the classic cars, and now the new car. My plan is to take my dad down with me when I eventually pick my car up, and let him drive it off the lot and take it for it's first spin, sort of my small way of saying thanks to him for getting me into the hobby.

    I know it's not the wisest choice, having two small children and living in a state that gets some decent winter weather, but I don't care, you only live once. I'm lucky that my wife is COMPLETELY on board with me getting the car. She also was never a fan of the fox cars, but she absolutely loves this new one. In fact, she's sort of the one who talked me into getting one. I never considered it as an option until she told me how much she liked the car (it all started with that cornfield commercial!). Hopefully all the supply problems and wait time will go away by the time I'm ready to buy my car, because once I put down the deposit I don't think I'll be able to hold out very long to get it.
  6. thanks for the novel about your life history. we all learned a lot today. :rolleyes:
  7. jacob9

    First off, I'm hardly the only person on this thread to post a detailed response. Second, I don't remember anyone putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read this thread. Sorry that my long post completely overloaded your tiny attention span, they do make drugs that can help with that. Don't like it, go read something else, or better yet, go play in the street kid. Third, I can see you have a real hard on for making wiseass comments about other peoples posts.

    Nice, very nice attitude.

    So who died and left you king of the board?

    You should really find something a little more constructive to do with your time, like maybe work on becoming an adult human being.

  8. thanks for the life lesson a$$hole. stop reliving your glory days and just buy the damn car!
  9. great thread!

    This has been one of the most interesting and humorous threads I've seen!

    PerformanceRed or w/e your name is, you crack me up. I wasn't sure if you were serious with your 'swinger' comments or not, but it's hilarious.

    And jacob9, while you probably should try to be a little more 'people oriented', you crack me up as well. I'm looking forward to at least a little roast from you on this crappy post! lol

    But to the subject at hand, I'm tempted to say, well, there's this hot chick that lives down the street from me, and when she sees me in my 05 GT, I'm sure that that will throw her over the edge, since she's eyeing me already, and find some excuse to come talk to me, since I'm too much of an introvert to start a conversation! I'm just kidding, sorry!

    I'm kinda like that one guy, though, that said that he'd died and came back and was trying to find out if there was any more life left, one more shot, or something like that. My health has been failing me slowly but surely, and to make a long story short, although I don't feel like I fit the mold of a bad a$$ mustang driver, I'd like to have one and see if I can pull my head out of my own a$$ and start living! My job is the only thing I have passion for anymore, but it's starting to take it's toll. I need something, and if the Newer Badder Mustang isn't it, then I may as well roll off into an empty grave.
  10. I'm 23, just got mine December 8th. It's my first Mustang (as you can see in my sig). The biggest reason I got one (just before the 2 feet of snow hit the ground) is because of the "I have one and you don't" syndrome. Couldn't wait til spring to get mine, because that's when all the rest will be out. It may just be a V6, but people still honk and hollar and drive thru Burger King drive thrus just to see the car while I'm placing my order. Totally a self-esteem booster!
  11. You only live once, man. In your case, twice. Use this chance at life to do and get everything you want, even if it doesn't work out, at least you can say "I did it" or "I owned it." I couldn't afford flying lessons, but I at least got 2.5 hours in. "I've flown a plane." "I've owned a Mustang."

  12. i hope you get the stang and the girl. post some pics after you get her! :D
  13. Duuuuude. Save yourelf another heart attack and buy the car on a loan. Buying a new car for cash is throwing your money away bigtime.

    $25,000 in a new car. Five years from now that outlay of cash is going to be worth $10,000 - maybe $15,000 at best.

    Take that $25,000 and put it into a bond fund earning 5-6%. Or better yet the a market index fund (which large caps have historical return of 11%, although the market has tanked in 2000 and was stangnat, the past year has been pretty good and probably be decent going forward).

    If you put that $25,000 earning 10% in the market and pay out the monthly car loan of 5% from that... each month you get 5% gain in the investment over the cost of interest on the loan. I threw the numbers into excell and over a 5 year loan you end up with $4-5,000 more in your pocket.

    Or better yet, invest the $25,000 and find a way to come up with the car loan payments each month (cut back on other costs, etc. ) and that $25,000 will be $40,000 in the bank at the end of 5 years.

  14. that is excellent advice. there is no reason to tie up so much liquid assets in an automobile. your money should be invested so that it is working FOR you! :nice:
  15. Im 53, an old hotrodder. first car was a 56 Chevy with a 327/365 hp vette motor. I was 14 when the 65 debuted. Wanted one so bad. 67/68 were even better. By the time I was able to afford a Mustang, I was married had two kids and it was after 1973 when the Mustangs were downsized to the Mustang II.. Just didnt do it for me. Even though they have improved as time went by, none of the Mustangs between 1973 and 2004 really interested me.
    First time I saw the 2005 as a concept car I was hooked. I saw the car and it just screamed MUSTANG! When I became aware they were going to build this car it was like my heart stopped. My wife at first said your too old for a Mustang to which I quickly replied "Like hell"! Looked at them on the internet, said I'm getting one, she said if you gotta get a red one.
    Nov 26th I ordered my Redfire Premium GT. All the options except 1000 watt Shaker, side airbags and aluminum wheels. Im getting dealer option chrome bullits, 17x8 with Pony Spinners( knock offs). 285 each.
    Ive got a hood ordered from RK sports. Has a twin scoop sorta like a 68 Shelby, but only come 1/2 way or so down the hood. Likely I will add a C&L true flow kit to it. I may have side stripes ala GT350s made by my son who works for a graphics company.

    IN any case, from the first time I saw it, it was the car I had always wanted.
    Might get it late Jan, could be later from what I read about the IUG problems.
    But when I get it, it will be a car I'll have for the rest of my life.

  16. Oh btw I saw a sti trying to race a vette at 80+ on the highway today, it was possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen :rlaugh:
  17. :banana:
    Me? I am getting an 05 Stang to coplete my set. Some people want a boy and a girl for their set, not I. To me having my Import and Domestic s3x0r macheens is a must. 04 STI and soon to be 05 GT. Being single rocks :D
  18. I'm sure the STI got spanked nicely. An STI is not exactly geared for high off the line is a different thing.
  19. Why do I want one? The simple answer is because I like it :D

    But, since no one is really looking for the easy answer...

    I like classic cars, but I'm not a big fan of the Mustang. Usually when I have money to spend on another car, something else gets my money. However, with the new body style the wife and I have decided to get one. We plan on getting either an 07 or 08 Cobra. I like the body style but I really want a little more power :D

    The car will not be a daily driver, but more of a second weekend cruiser for me.

    Oh btw, I'm 33, married with 2 children.