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  1. I want to put a carb on my 2.3 88, if possible, and I want a flowmaster exhaust, with an aftermarket header as well. I don't really want to get into the tech stuff (porting), but I would like to give my car a little more horsepower than what it has now, and then later swap in a T-5, as I've simply decided to go N/A for a while. So, what parts could I use, any suggestions and part numbers or sources would be nice, except for the obvious, "Put a Turbo Motor in it" because I dont want to do that. I've looked and the pickins are slim. Help me :shrug:
  2. take a look at my sig for ideas. I put down some good #'s without porting.
    I find EFI to be easier to play with, because that is what I have grown up with, but if you know about the carb, use it.
  3. Where did you get your header from?
  4. From the search function ;)
  5. Either run with the stock computer management, or go carbed and std distributer and bail the computer. Either route will need manifold work to realize major gains.
  6. I bought it from
    It is a actually the pacesetter header, and you will have to add your own O2 sensor bung.