Fox Alright Here Is A Question Most Will Think Is Backwards

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  1. So I am building a GT40P setup on my engine stand. The engine came with stock explorer exhaust manifolds. My 86 mustang that the motor is going into has these horrible leaking chinese crap short tube headers.

    I want to know if those GT40P manifolds will fit on my 86 E6 heads in the meantime while I put together the GT40p. Im getting BBK long tubes for the GT40p and dont want to install them on the old motor just to take them off again when I finish the new motor.

  2. How long before the p heads go on? If not too far off, i'd do it all at once and save the headaches for another time
  3. Depends on how long it takes to get the block finished and put together before I swap the two. Driving the car in the nasty snow today showed me that it may be a warm weather only car and I might not need to worry about it so much. Looks like the block wont be completely put together and ready to go in until march.
  4. Well in that case, i'd def do it all at once
  5. I totally agree. That is a completely back asswards question.

  6. I hate chinese crap
  7. Ah yes, the Chinese- the lowest Asian on the totem pole.

    Edit: incase you're reading this I'm just teasing ya Asians due to the amount if flack y'all recieve in regards to production.
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  8. Will they fiton the heads, yes. Will they bolt up to rest of the exhast, no. They'll probably cause other issues too, since theyre kinda upside down compared to mustang headers.
  9. Buying Chinese crap has moral implications in addition to the quality issues.

  10. How do you survive w out Chinese crap Kurt? Do you produce everything you own in your home yourself? You wouldn't happen to have an iPhone would ya? Everyone knows they are manufactured in Detroit and Nike's in Cleveland. Hell Kurt, even motorcraft stuff is made in china.
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  11. Ha, well this went in a totally different direction than I expected. Thanks for the input on them bolting up. Looks like they will have to wait. And thanks for the input on china. Personally I'm a no iPhone kind of guy. Like the whole slavery thing and then pretending to be the most amazing company in the world turns me off. Maybe not the most reputable source but hey:
  12. You know what they say, if you dont like your job, find another. Its China, they make everything we buy
  13. Yep, they do. Worked as an engineer in solar manufacturing until was replaced with the Chinese. Now its oil and gas. Pretty hard to replace that.
  14. The Chinese are doing that too now. Bribing governments in Africa to take their oil. The truth is I do buy Chinese crap, but I minimize it as much as possible. It's impossible to live totally Chinese free, but you'd be amazed what you can find if you look hard enough. I just bought a $600 HTC phone, because it was the only phone offered by my provider not made in China.

  15. Sorry about the hijack of this thread... what burns my butt is when vendiors lie and say their parts are all USA made, when you know they have many of their parts made in China. Hell, even Ford started offshoring their sources several years back- that is why the quality on many of there repro OEM parts took a dive. MSD just file BK in part because they too for the last several years decided it was cheaper to sell crap Chinese make junk- then everyone notice the failure rate of their products went sky high and ruined their reputation.

    Do we even have foundries in the US anymore?
  16. I know that there aren't any brake rotor foundaries in the states anymore, there's one in Europe and one in China. The brake companies that claim american made or whatever are "machined" here but that's it. So all the big name high dollar rotors, ie brembo; Baer, etc at the end of the day are just expensive Chinese crap.
    As for MSD: I got burned by them. Paid fifty some odd dollars for a coil and it lasted a year.
  17. One more thing: I wonder if there's a guy on a forum in china saying, "that crap is made in the USA!"?
  18. 90lxWhite: That is hilarious. And really, is American quality that much better? Yeah from what it looks like right now the Toyota Tundra is the only American made truck. How ridiculous is that? Not sure how accurate that is but my company still buys ford. We tried the Toyota thing and the technicians trucks didn't last two years.
  19. It is better, but that's beside the point. At least if it's made in the US you can be pretty sure it wasn't made by a 12 year old working on a dirt floor 18 hours a day while dumping massive amounts of pollutants into the drinking water supply.

    I know they lie all the time. We do the best we can.

  20. i would bet this has more to do with regulation than labor, the epa and other agencies have actual producers by the balls. and yes there are still foundries here, but almost all steel produced these days in this country is recycled, where 40-60 years ago we were still mining iron. i think today theres only 4? plants in the us still smelting iron, vs over a hundred back in the peak of the steel production? something like that anyway. and alot of the chinese steel/iron is recycled american stuff, only they just cant seem to get alloys right sometimes.

    i know a lot of aluminum is still US made though.