alternate fox body?

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  1. I've had and sold three fox body mustangs and now I'm looking for another. What I have found is to me they are over priced for the condition. So what I would like to know is what is the best fox body mustang alternative? Which alternative fox can take the most mustang parts? Any thoughts on this subject? Thanks
  2. Fox Capri??

    How about a Mark 7? Swap to a 5-spd, ditch the air bag suspension and you got a 5.0 HO, and 5-lug 4-wheel disks with t-lock on the LSC's.

    It's a big heavy Mustang
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  4. Fairmont for the ultimate sleeper
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  6. The best alternative to a Fox body is ... another Fox body. :D

    Just do like I did: get a second Fox and DD that. I've got the best of both worlds with everything on 'em. One manual, one auto; one notch, one hatch; one four-eye, one Aero; with with 3.08 granny gears, one with 4.10's; one black, one ... uhhhh ... never mind... :doh:

    But really, nothing wrong with a Fox for a DD at all. Maybe try looking outside of your local area. What sort of price range of Foxes have you been looking at, anyway? Because it seems like the higher-priced ones are usually overvalued to begin with, anyhow. Search for Foxes between $1,000 and $2,500 and you'll probably have better luck. Sure, it's unlikely that you'll find anything in mint condition in that range, of course, but people pricing them in that range clearly aren't pretending that their car is made of frickin' gold or something - most of the clowns I've seen pricing their cars above $3,000 or so only have a stock H/C/I 5.0 with a cold air intake and a cat-back and they think it's some kind of freakin' classic, or they've got themselves some kinda Pro 5.0 level car. :nonono:
  7. one car for ultimate world power

    1993 TAURUS SHO
  8. 79-86 Capri

  9. A Fairmont was the 1st car that came to mind as you should be able to tap into the vast supply of the Mustang Aftermarket.
  10. If you feel they're overpriced for the condition but plan on using aftermarket parts anyway, just find a clean 4 cylinder and do a 5.0 swap. :shrug:
  11. There is a mostly-clean 1981 Zephyr wagon for sale near me for $600! Its the Mercury version of the Fairmont. I thought about getting it to DD, haha.

    Here are a few fox chassis cars that would make a good Mustang "alternative"

    78-82 Fairmont/Zephyr

    83-86 LTD/Marquis (not Crown Victoria or GRAND Marquis)

    80-82 Thunderbird/Cougar square bodies

    83-86 Thunderbird/Cougar aero body 1st gen

    87-88 Thunderbird/Cougar aero body 2nd gen

    84-92 Lincoln Mark VII

    79-86 Mercury Capri

    82-87 Lincoln Continental OK maybe not a good Mustang alternative but it is a Fox!

    81-82 Ford Granada

    Probably my favorite Fairmont ever...the Futura with the LTD nose!!

  12. That to me is like the Ford version of a Buick GNX :hail2:

    Someday i WILL own a 347 powered LTD. Something with 4 doors that i can haul my kids in easily and still drive something with reasonable street cred :rlaugh:
  13. The Fairmont will probably be the only one out of all of those with a reasonable possibility of being fast. The rest of those cars are 4000lb+. They can be fast, but you're starting off with a much heavier vehicle. I knew a guy with a Fairmont that ran mid-9s on the spray.
  14. I love LTD's and Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr Im building a 1983 LTD II wagon 408 stroker, right now sporting a 89 5.0 complete computer wiring harness with some small upgrades. That is the family car and race on the weekend still get 20 MPG any questions just ask [email protected] or talk to eric at [email protected] he is on the FORD FORUMS under fairmonts he's the guru.
  15. No need to ditch the air-ride. It handles better than most of the coil conversions and rides better as well. The LSC had air bags designed to increase spring rate as they compress, essentially a progressive spring, but
    with a much more immediate effect.

    Come on, show a nice one at least! :D


    Which of those cars is 4000+lbs? The VII weighs an absolute MAX of 3900. My '90 weighs in at 3800lbs, with no weight reduction, still has the air suspension, driver's air bag, iron heads, ETC. The Fox Bird/Cougar twins weigh even less than the VIIs.
  16. Those alternative fox cars, can usually be bought on the cheap. I wouldn't mind getting a Fairmont, and doing a low buck, car craft style build on one.
  17. I had a Mark VII LSC when I was in high school cause my mom wouldn't let me buy a Mustang. She said it was too fast for me and that I would either get in trouble or get hurt. She was probably right, but I felt like I pulled a fast one when I brought home a nice LSC. To her it was a Lincoln, a car old people drive, to me it was a Mustang in disguise. Anyway, I went about doing all the Fox Mustang typical upgrades, pulleys, gears, exhaust,etc.... anyway, the car was pretty fast and was fun. I think they are real nice looking cars also. I thought of picking one up as a DD but I don't really need 2 gas guzzlers. I will say though that I had a terrible experience with the air suspension. I kept having to replace bags and parts and the car would always be sitting on the tires in the rear. I got to hate that suspension.
  18. +1. I have seen some really badass Fairmonts. Everything from a carbed windsor stroker, to one that I've seen around a few times with a turbo setup running 9's in street trim. You can use all fox stuff underneath. Actually, IIRC, some 2 door Fairmonts are lighter than Mustang coupes, because of things like aluminum bumpers, swiss cheesed hood and trunklid bracing, etc.

    I had to edit for this:
    I feel that the LTD's as shown earlier would also be a good choice. I remember one in one of the Mustang mags a few years back. It had 87+ Mustang front fenders, hood, bumper cover, and 87+ Mustang interior, it was pretty damn cool. It also had a EFI stroker and a T5.
  19. +1 Mark VII...more weight means you just need more hp to move it:D

    i love the fact that you are getting a mustang in luxury disguise. throw some nice wheels on it, and i do hear ditching the air ride is a good idea for the simple fact that it is a system needing constant repairs/replacement. but i have never had first hand experience.

    if i wasnt a fox nut, or if i really wanted something different and could afford another v8 gas guzzler that is my choice hands down:flag: