alternate fox body?

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  1. I've seen that very car driving around town here. It sounds mean as hell passing by. :drool:
  2. WANT! :drool: :hail2:
  3. there is a guy who did drag week in a fairmount. He put a Junkyard Vortec 5.3 truck engine out of a suburban. Put a ZO6 cam, a chinese turbo, ebay intercooler, and a 8.8 that he narrowed himself. Pulling mid 9's with stock interior and a bunch of fox body goodies. Ultimate junkyard build up. He built the car to take it on pinks(not all out but to put up the pink slip). Unfortunately they don't do pink slip races anymore. I know chevy stuff in a Ford but it was a junkyard build and just goes to show the potential.:flag:
  4. That car is bad a$$. What year Futura body, with what year LTD was used for that car.

    I also agree with the GNX comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I've owned 6 Mark VIIs, only one had a suspension issue. Through a used air compressor in and it was fixed. The system is easy to work with, it has self diagnostics just like the EEC and there's a ton of information online.
  6. This reminds me of the old MM&FF August 2003 article about a 4-door mustang. It was a LTD.

    Couldn't find any internet pictures so here is a couple pics from the mag.

  7. Different. Weird. Not something you normally see, at all.

    Yeah, I'd drive it. :nice:
  8. That's the one I was talking about in my first post, but I couldn't find any pics!
  9. Different, but I'd hit it anyways!
  10. yeah but have you seen the price for fairmonts lately?
  11. Anybody remember these Cougars?


  12. Wow! I would rock the living **** out of that four door LTD-stang... it's like a stretch limo notch, haha. :nice:
  13. Here's my "alternate" Fox body car.1988 Thunderbird Sport.....


  14. 347 mild cam, w/hellion set up for the ultimate sleeper. I'd rock the phone dials!
  15. i wonder what the mustang/ltd hybid would look like with a lx nose...