Alternative to Stock 1965 Side Mirrors? (pics appreciated)

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  1. Just like the thread title states, has anyone seen some cool side mirrors on a 65 Mustang coupe that were not the stock ones? I saw some with the bullet style and did not care for them.

    My car currently has no side mirrors and I may try to keep it like that....


  2. Having no side mirrors in california is illeagal. Have you looked at the square 67' style? What type did you have on it before, the stock round ones?
  3. Yea, I know its illegal... just looks so much better without them :)

    I did have the stock round ones originally.
  4. I put a 69 mirror on my 68, only on the driverside.
  5. I'm using the 65 shelby bullit style for my 67 fastback. Got them off ebay from a place in England. Unlike the Chinese crappy chrome,these are polished stainless steel by a company called tex automotive. If I recalled they were,around $85 US including shipping to Canada. Very nice.

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  6. I used 93 GT convertible mirrors on both my coupes. I'll see if I can get into the garage to get a pic but that might be impoosible considering all the crap that's accumulated around the cars for the winter hibernation.....
  7. i have the 65 shelby r model mirrors from mustangs unlimited... i did loose the metal base, and use the single 1/4" stud with a nylon washer between the mirror and body.
  8. A mirror purchased from a Harley-Davidson dealer. They work well on an early Mustang. :D