Electrical Alternator Nightmare!!!

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  1. My alternator went bad on my mustang and it has the Roush Billet alternator bracket I went to Orielly's with the bad alternator and they cross refrenced it and sold me a reman alternator. I put it on and it fit perfect but didn't work(only put out 11.49v at the output post). I took it back and the exchanged it for another reman, I intalled that one and it had the same issue. I decided to order a brand new one form summit so I returned the second bad one to Oreilly's but they had already sent my core off. So I get the gm one wire alternator that I was assured would work by roush. And it didn't fit, the lower tab was off by half a inch. I called roush again and they told me to order a power master and it would work. After doing more research I found a power master part number which is 8002 rr but they don't sell it anymore :-( I need a 140 amp that works with it. Any help would be appreciated

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  2. Have you called pa performAnce
  3. getting two bad alternators from delco remy (oreillys supplier for domestic vehicles) is very odd you may have other issues.
  4. how do you have it wired up, sounds like the stator wire is not properly set up.
  5. Definitly a bad voltage regulator on my original alternator. Charged at 12v until u hit 2200 rpm and then voltage would jump to 18v and all of my lights got super bright. I worked at oreillys right out of high school and bad remans are VERY common. And when testing oreilly's alternators we used a Fluke Meter and tested directly from the output post of the reman and it was only generating 11.49V at any Rpm :-/
  6. Only uses one wire and it is a 4 Gauge wire and it worked fine on the original alternator. It goes from positive terminal of battery and is ran under the bumper with zip ties and wire loom then comes out by passenger side right next to the alternator. Don't think thats the problem but i'll double check to make sure it is not grounding out anywhere
  7. I had a similar issue, spiking voltage blowing my regulator. I ended up pulling off the under drive pulley and putting on the std size pulley and no more issues. When I installed the blower drive/accessory pulley for the vortech I never removed the under drive pulley until I started It was a bit weird but lots of revving to 6800 may have been the issue. Big Drive pulley small driven pulley must have been overdriving the alternator
  8. Not sure if I have an underdrive pully but the alternator is the only accessory on my belt( no ac, no power steering, electric water pump). What is the diameter of the stock crank pulley ?