Alternator Nut. Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by flashback87, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Can someone tell me if the nut that holds the alternator pulley on is a special not. That nut fell off this evening causing the pulley to shift and shred my belt. So now my car is stranded.

    Can I just go to Lowes/HomeDeport and get any nut or is it a special nut. Also, is there any kind of washer that needs to be used too?

    Oh and it is a 3g alt from a Taurus.

  2. They are just a 5/8 course thread nut 15/16 socket to install but there only about half a thick as a regular nut and yes there is a lock wash that need to be put back on to keep it from backing off again. I just put new under drive pulleys on mine tonight

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  3. I've put a paint dab on the nut/shaft seam and monitored that to see if it was loosening
  4. Thanks! so can I just get a nut and lock washer from a hardware store?

    Also, in regards to your under drive pulleys, I kept the Taurus pulley on originally but have an underdrive pulley I might swap now that it is off. Does your u/d pulley sit all the way against the alternator? I noticed my Taurus pulley sits off the alternator a little but when I put the u/d pulley on it sits completely on the alternator which I would think would create a lot of friction and heat.

    Thanks again!
  5. No it want all the way down on the shaft but wasn't touching the case

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  6. You can use a 5/8" ID washer as a spacer. It's pretty common for 2G alt pulleys and underdrives to sometimes hit the case. In this situation, a washer as a spacer helps
  7. Ok, I went to lows and tried a 5/8 nut. It would only catch one thread. Also the nut was a lot thicker. Does the 3 g alt have a different size?

    Does anyone know where I can find this nut?
  8. 5/8 course thread, maybe 16. Which one you get?
  9. Well, I had a mechanic measure it for me and try some different nuts. I have a 3g alt from a Taurus and it seems to be metric, 16mm x 1.25.
  10. Why not hit the salvage yard for one?
  11. Get a hardened one no matter the size. Grade one or two can strip too easily. Grade 5 or 8 are much better under the hood. These are all available from most Ace stores or Do It centers.
  12. er: 181951"]Why not hit the salvage yard for one?[/quote]
    Salvage yards are not a good option in a part of the country that crushes anything over 20 years old. And even worse if other is one place per big town.