alternator whine

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Krusher, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. well... got the whole thing together... sounds nice... when the car is off. THen I hear the damn alternator whine when the car is on... any fixes?
  2. Check your grounds for you have the signal wires running close to the power wire?
  3. well two signal wires go across one of the amp's power wire once... no grounds. I'm running through the factory hu with speaker level inputs.
  4. What do you mean, no grounds? The amp has to be grounded somewhere...
  5. sorry... no grounds besides the big 4 guage black ground wire that I know is suppose to be there for the amps.
  6. that would be the ground I'm talking might check to make sure it's securely attached. You could also undo it and make sure that the grounding point is clean, bare metal.
  7. well for everyone's information... the noise is still there!!! I sanded down even more on the ground site... re-ran every signal wire and made sure that if it HAD to cross a power wire, even the remote lead wire, they were at 90* to each other... and it still made no difference... f**k it... I'm putting in an aftermarket
  8. make sure your power wire is not running on the same side of the car that your rca cables are on. if they are touching the signal can go through. keep them apart
  9. nahhh... its just the factory hu... it sucks... I should have done what I'm doing now in the first place... using existing, proven equipment. (alpine CDA9811)