Engine Altitude And Horsepower Drop Questions....

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by iyzik, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Hi I am new here so my apologies if this is in the wrong section or anything.
    I have a '14 Mustang GT/CS Premium and just moved to Colorado from California for college. Having previously lived at sea level, the horsepower decrease at 5,000 feet is more significant than I expected. It is quite noticeable, I used a calculator to determine that I am losing about 60-70hp. That seems about right, it feels like all the sudden I have the 4.6 or a V6.... :(
    It used to really pick up at about 4,000 rpm when the torque peaks and put me in my seat but now it doesn't really do that and the throttle seems less responsive.
    So I am looking for some advice to gain this power back...and maybe some more ;)

    I was thinking right off the bat I would get the Boss 302 intake manifold, Roush Axlebacks, and DiabloSport tuner but I am open to suggestions.
  2. Gears or Tuner, or both:nice:. Gears will give you a "kick in the pants feeling". Do you know what your stock gear ratio is?

    The Boss intake will allow for higher RPM's, and some extra hp. Honestly, the Roush axlebacks will not add any power. They will, however, make just a little more noise:D
  3. I have 3.55 gears right now but not sure I want to switch them actually, I like the ratios and I think 3.73s or even 4.10s will reduce my hwy mpg by a lot..but I'll consider it.
    And yeah I know the Axlebacks won't add horsepower but they sound so good I need them :)
  4. I have a tune and cai only more mods on the way I was very surprised at how much it helped. I would like to know what your rpm at 75 mph is I have 315 gears and I'm thinking of going with 355
  5. Did the intake and tune make it feel similar to @ sea level, or still noticeable difference?
    In 6th gear (manual) at 70mph it's at pretty much exactly 2000 rpm 75 is about 2100 rpm.
  6. My altitude is 3600 feet so I'm not sure about sea level but I could tell a noticeable difference it took 1/2 a sec. Of my 0 to 60 time
  7. Iyzik I'm curious does your car have the track apps if so what was your 0to 60 at sea level and what is it now
  8. I have not done a 0-60 run here yet as I am living in a much more urban area now but at sea level the fastest I personally did it was 5 seconds flat (though I have seen as low as 4.3 seconds from a stock 5.0 manual). I wouldn't be surprised if it was about 6 seconds now. If I do a pull anytime soon I will let you know for sure.
  9. My times were 5.9 and a couple of 5.7 then the cai and 91 tune and almost every time is 5.2 i would love to know what it would be at sea level I'm either going to get a procharger or twin turbo in the near future