Aluminum Door Sill?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by PonyKeg, May 13, 2005.

  1. I bought my V-6 Mustang without the Upgraded interior, just the Interior Sport Appearance package. But I like those aluminum door sills.

    Does anybody know if they'll just bolt right in?
  2. They snap on. Quite easy to do. My dealer sold me the upgraded sills for slightly over cost. Interestingly enough, one side costs more than the other. They are simply mirror images of each other. The parts guys thought it was strange too.
  3. Thanks for the info, Stan! I'll set about snagging a pair for my pony.


  4. Stan, by chance you wouldn't happen to have the part numbers for these bad boys would ya? These are the brushed aluminum type inserts correct? I've been looking high and low for a post by a forum member who had the part numbers for these...
  5. here you go:
    Black interior: 5R3Z6313208BAC
    Lt Grey Interior: 5R3Z6313208BAA
    Tan interior:5R3Z6313208BAB
  6. Only at dealer?

    Can these be purchased via a Ford outlet online, or must one go to one's dealer?
  7. Either way will work. I ordered mine through Kevin Casey (05stangkc) over on TMS. He's the parts manager for a Ford shop in central California.
  8. My dealer let me have them at a little over cost. Worth asking. He should be willing to give you a discount if you bought your car there. Also, items ordered from Ford have no shipping charges added on. That can make a real difference in price.

  9. Awesome, thanks Kev! Do you by chance have that website to order from?
  10. anyone have a pic of these?
  11. like this:
  12. No, I bought mine from my dealer. maybe try checking
  13. looks good, i have seen different colored inserts for them on ebay from auto trim design. i couldnt figure out where they got the aluminum sills form, the auction was only for the letter inserts. now i know.
  14. what is the cost???
  15. I think I paid about $35 for the pair. I'm not certain, though, but that seems about right. Again, I got them for a little above cost. I'm bought enough vehicles from my dealer to earn a good discount on parts. Ask, all they can do is say no.
  16. just trying to get an estimate, i work for the dealership name (not the ford store) so i can get employee pricing, just didnt have an idea of how much they cost...