Aluminum hood oxidation

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by 2010pony, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Is all of this corrosion/bubbling just on the seams of the bottom hood? Is any of this on the top of the hood visible when the hood is closed?
  2. The bottom of the hood ....right on the seam in about a dozen different spots .... I was talking to someone who had a 08 and the he said that's how it started and now the paint was chopping on the front lip....visible when it is closed -so that's what I have to look forward to.
  3. Sorry chipping
  4. Blue oval and I are at an impasse .... I am not willing to contribute funds to remedy a known defect in manufacturing . Doubtful I will purchase another Ford product.
  5. Dude I hate to say this cause I bleed Ford Blue but they dropped the ball on this one, you are 100% right. If It were me I would be pricing a Challenger right now.

    Natasha you guys are completely wrong on this, speak to whomever you have to speak to and get this guys problem resolved. I know more can be done. Or do nothing and let him walk.
  6. Yeah,Natasha! Intercede on this customers behalf and just think of the good will it will generate on this forum! The resultant added Mustang sales would be worth the 250 dollars-believe me!

    Take a copy of this thread to the boss and tell him to make an executive decision and have Ol' Henry come up with the 250 bucks. Hundreds of owners and prospective owners are watching this thread and waiting for Ford to do the right thing for this owner.

    This issue isnt caused by normal wear and usage. This is a clear manufacturing defect.

    If I would have seen this thread before buying my 2011 GT-I would be now driving a pill box on wheels with push rods!
  7. Do a search for either "challenger paint problems" or "camaro paint problems" and see what you get. Just saying I doubt Ford is doing anything completely different than the other companies are.
  8. A good company that is trying to gain market share EXCEEDS what the competition does-not just matches the competition. Ford has bettered the competition in design of the Mustang-now they need to better the competition when it comes to customer service.

    Many American companies have issues with customer service and management. Let's see if Ford can keep from disappointing it's customers over 250 dollars.

    This thread has been viewed by over 1000 ---Ford needs to do the right thing for this customer.
  9. I'm sure your right, but the issue isn't that he is having a paint problem. Any car from any manufacture can have a problem otherwise we wouldn't need warranties. The issue here is Ford's response to a known & acknowledged manufacturing defect on a 18 month old car
  10. I'm sure ford is doing the math.;). That's all.
  11. Ford does not want to pay the tons of money it would cost to fix all the Mustangs with this problem. I have it too on my 2008 GO V6. The front of the lip is bubbling you can see it with the hood closed.
    I have seen this issue on almost every S197 I have looked at. The only ones without the issue have aftermarket hoods and they changed hoods specifically to get rid of the rusting issue.
    Just for perspective I have a 94 Z28 that exhibits NONE of these issues. The car sits outside and is 15 years old and its not rusting away.
    My Lawyer says I have to take it to a dealership and give Ford the chance to do the right thing. Only after they deny to fix the car will he consider litigation.
    Amazing that I should even have to deal with this on a car that is not even 4 years old yet.
  12. Could you provide pictures of this front lip bubbling? How long did it take before you first noticed it?
  13. 2010pony,

    I understand you are upset. The fact remains that your Mustang has surpassed warranty guidelines. There are no additional resources that will be provided. I recognize this is not your ideal result, but a compromise has been made, should you choose to accept it. I know it may seem that many posters have paint issues, but I assure you there are no large-scale issues affecting Mustangs.

  14. This only works when the competition handles their customers the same way.:notnice:

    It isn't just the BIG Three anymore in the automotive world-it isn't the 50's anymore. It is a highly competitive world now.

    Your competition is giving "good will" adjustments when there is obvious manufacturing defects and Ford should also. I went 20 years not buying domestic automobiles because of issues like this.

    This type of behavior makes it hard to spend over 30k for a car when the manufacturer will not spend 250 dollars to make it correct.

    This is a well known defect-google "mustang hood corrosion rust" and see how many hits you get. This is a ugly cosmetic defect that will degrade the resale value of these cars.

    American Corporate Management seems to have a hard time understanding the value of customer satisfaction. They understand the cost of everything-but the value of nothing.

    There is a Ford TSB on this-TSB 06-25-15. See here:

    This TSB is for the 05 thru 07 Mustangs with aluminum hoods-but it is the same situation. Iron particles are getting on the aluminum hoods BEFORE factory painting and causing corrosion thru electrolysis .
    No way this could be a customer caused issue or caused by normal exposure to the weather/elements.

    Ford Customer Relations needs to get out of the 50's and get as advanced as Ford Engineering is. This is a common issue with American Corporations and is very costly to the Corporation.
  15. I'm just throwing one link out there from a simple search. I'm sure there are hundreds others that are exactly the same. You could prolly sub in "FORD", for "TOYOTA". It reads the same as this thread.

    Toyota paint problems - Topix
  16. Shocked and VERY Disgusted

    Well, I was at first very pleased with owning a 2006 Mustang, I've had it up until now, and at one point, I even considered purchasing a newer model. Until now. About a month ago, I noticed a slight bubbling underneath the paint of the hood; and I've noted since that the bubbling has become progressively worse, even within a month. I called the "stealership," scheduled a visual inspection, and the collision center manager, after looking it over for some time, afterwards informed me that Ford had failed to apply an adequate sealant between the layers of steel and aluminum used to create the hood. The problem, additionally, was revealed to be an iron contamination, NOT a sealant issue.

    Since, I have discovered the TSB released regarding this very issue, have had the bubbling inspected otherwise, and I have gotten nowhere with any of my attempts to amend this issue with the dealership, other than their repulsive and ridiculous offer to "repair" the hood for $1400, of which I must pay half. I have absolutely NO intention of doing so. Especially after witnessing Ford admit their responsibility in the problem.

    I should also mention that from the very beginning, when I purchased the car, brand new, I opted for a "anti-corrosion" unit, provided through "Tricare," which, I was told was a measure against this very occurrence. I paid $1000 extra for this total waste. When I attempted to utilise what I thought was a very precautionary back-up, I discovered that because one condition of the maintenance was not met, Tricare would do absolutely nothing. What a bloody waste of money!

    I contacted Ford customer "service" and the dour woman who answered merely informed me that they wouldn't lift a finger until my car has a hole through the hood. What a cop-out. I'm sickened by all of this, and I won't give up under the weight of this heartless manufacturing behemoth. This is far from over.
  17. "discovered that because one condition of the maintenance was not met, Tricare would do absolutely nothing. What a bloody waste of money!"

    What was this "one condition of maintenance" ?
  18. Hi Oxidation2006,

    I understand you are angry at your repair not being fully covered. Without knowing the details of why Tricare declined the warranty due to lack of maintenance, it is difficult to determine why it was not covered. I would like to assist by escalating this to my contact at Ford of Canada. Please PM me with your VIN, contact information, mileage, and servicing dealer information. I cannot guarantee that anything additional will be covered, but I can arrange for you to be contacted.

  19. Crazy ..... This will be my last Ford Product. Very disappointed. I work at a very large company too ... A big part of my job is flipping customers through corporate red tape to exceed thier expectations . I would think I am a car dealers dream .... Because I do purchase a car every 3-4 years. Anyway I live my life by principles. Natasha says NO but ultimately the customer is always right.
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