Aluminum or cast iron flywheel

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  1. I'm all for a stock flywheel. Ford knew what the engine would rev to when they engineered it.
  2. Easy for you to say hood hacker,.....I was expecting it to have a stock steel flywheel that I could have faced for 30-40.00, not some unservicable aluminum one that costs 10 times that.

    The Stock piece,..the one you can't even buy anymore is listed at 1689.00 for just the flywheel.
    ** Grumbling to myself....stupid Cobra junk:fuss:
  3. My father-n-law runs a spec aluminum flywheel. The metal insert is removable with a couple dozen (exageration) allen bolts. I think he paid $70 for a new steel insert, which you can replace yourself. May be worth it to swap to a Spec piece.

  4. thats how my mcleod was.
  5. It's nice to see another older guy who still loves his feet and toes, even if he can't dance like he did when he was younger...:)
  6. Should have kept the fox, ya grumbling crazy.
  7. Scored my Nodular flywheel ( That is if I can get my finances in order before somebody else buys it)@ 99.00 bucks. Brand freaking new in a Ford box from a dealer,....Should be able to order it wed along w/ a new fork and pivot ball.

    I did learn that I have a weak 10 spline input as compared w/ the more robust 26 spline upgrades most have already opted for. Since I don't intend to beat on it, maybe
    it'll be ok.
  8. You'd be surprised how strong 10 spline input shafts can be. My modified TKO is still rated for 750ft lbs with the little 10 spline.
  9. Hey listen If that POS PO hasn't broken it yet,..It'll be like a retired greyhound now that I own it.
  10. I hate how I sit around and fester,...second guessing myself. I found my Nodular iron flywheel for the bargain price of 99.00. Replaced the pivot ball at another 19.00. Bought a new clutch fork from Ford for 38.00, and bought the entire Spec stage 1 clutch w/ new T/O bearing and input shaft bearing included. So I should be all set.......right?

    That 10 spline input shaft has probably already been replaced, as there is grey silicone oozing out between the section you have to remove to do just that. So unless Ford used that stuff in the original build,...the POS has already broken one. The upgrade to a 26 spline input shaft costs 300.00,...The bearing sleeve has a ridge, or shoulder feel-able where the T/O bearing didn't move past at the rear of the sleeve,I don't know whether or not to replace that thing as well,.....That thing costs an additional 99.00...I'd hate to put this heavy S.O.B back in only to be able to feel that in the pedal after all of this, and to have that poor, beat half to death 10 spline input shaft shear on me at a cruise in if I decide to get stupid one night and lay into the throttle.
  11. Eh, I haven't broke my 10 spline and I'm making more power and torque at the flywheel than a stock '03 Cobra makes. If you start playing with pulleys and such I may be concerned but I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of 10 second '03's that have run the 10 spline and lived.
  12. Well,..that is encouraging,...Coming up w/ another 400.00 would be next months' budget for this thing, and I really don't wanna let it sit any longer than I have too.

    I got the flywheel an pivot ball from the brown truck yesterday, all I gotta do is remove the pilot bearing,...(gonna use wet toilet paper) reinstall the new one, and I get to lay on my back and cuss for another half day putting it back together.
  13. I don't know... That 10 spline is going to be there in the back of your mind, every day. tick...tick...tick...
  14. *** Thinks to himself while in front of the computer....
    (I really need to start a progress thread..... but in the SVT forum,'ll never get seen much less commented on, and it doesn't belong in the fox forum............. aww screw it)

    There is an oil leak at the rear of the pan, could be a rear main seal, could be a pan gasket. Either way. with the trans and flywheel out, there'll never be a better time to do it,.....but it means I gotta drop that K member......

    Typical day for me,.... the passenger side down pipe had a nut round off when I was trying to get the trans out, I left it in place and worked around it. Saturday,..determined to get it out before reinstalling the trans, I set out to get the bi tch out of there. I had to grind half of the nut off and chisel the rest off of the stud. I remove the fragged stud remnant,....I notice the leaking oil pan, starts to rain,.......:nonono:

    When it stops,.... I refocus on the leak at the front of the motor,....there are a thousand hoses coming off of the radiator,..going to S/C intercoolers, oil filter coolers,.....just stuff going all over the place. As compared to the simplicity of the previous engine,...this one is the anti-christ.

    I'm trying to get the oil filter adapter off,....there is a bolt almost behind the hell do you get that damn thing off??????.. A google search reveals I stick a 1/2" allen in the center of the filter stud and the obstruction will come off and allow me to get to the hidden bolt.......I look up at the inner belt.

    Like the hoses on this engine,.....original equipment. How do you change that P.O.S. belt?? Why you remove all of the junk on the front of the motor of course.:mad:
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