AM and BamaChips Team Up for Kick-Ass Tunes

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    That's right, AmericanMuscle and Bamachips have teamed up to bring you Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle. We're combining AmericanMuscle's award-winning customer service with BamaChips' technical expertise and high-quality tunes. We're also expanding our tuning team. Our new department has 25+ years of experience.

    YouTube - Bama Custom Tuning - Exclusively at AmericanMuscle

    Exciting Changes:
    • The tuning department is expanding, and custom tunes will be stronger and more customized.
    • We've added an in-house dyno to test and refine tunes.
    • Team members represent 25+ years of custom tuning experience.

    Familiar Constants:
    • Award-winning customer service.
    • Free Bama Custom Tunes for life with the purchase of a tuner.
    • Free shipping!
    • You can call and speak to one of our tuners in person.

    Bamachips customers who purchased SCT or Diablosport tuners through Bama will be automatically enrolled in Bama Custom Tuning's Free Tunes for Life Program. Simply contact us any time you need a new custom tune written. Customers who purchased tune files only from Bamachips will receive full ongoing support from Bama Custom Tuning. Want to learn more about Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle? Follow this link.
  2. That is great. how does custom tunes work without hooking up my car to your dyno, since each car produces slightly different results? Do you use a shop car with the exact mods? I can't wait to see what comes out for the new 5.0. Almost more than can't wait or delivery.
  3. You know, I'm going to defer to Mike Wilson on this one. He's the head of our tuning department, and can explain this a little better than I can. :D
  4. That's a great question! We can write you a great mail-order tune because we command certain parameters, which we adjust based on dyno tunes from our in house cars, plus previous experience. For example, all C&L Racer intakes are the same, and have the same rate of flow. With your base info, plus a list of specific mods, we can use our files (which have been written and tested on our inhouse dyno) to create a tune that's unique to your particular combination of mods. Each vehicle might be a little different, but we're able to tweak settings as needed to make sure that our tunes fit your mustang, and your driving style.
  5. Thanks. are you looking to possibly setup custom tune days for customers who are in driving distance to get a direct plug in custom tune at your facility?

    also please work on removing/defeating the 2011 1-4 skip shift functionality ASAP. As well as the California emissions retarding. Which is now required in something like 10 other states, NJ included.
  6. When tuning a 2010 does it retain the adaptive tuning spark calibration feature? In other words, it's my understanding that I can run 87 octane and get the rated factory horsepower...but if I put in 91 octane gas I get gains in torque. If I install your 87 octane tune can I keep it installed and use 91 octane gas occasionally for improved torque and horsepower?