Am I Getting Ripped off?

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  1. ok,

    i have called around to shop for a new exhaust and what i want is:

    cut befor the "y" and go true duals out the back with no "h" pipe, just go 2.25" to a 40 series flowmaster and out the rear with an 18" x 3" angle cut stainless steel chrome tip. Of course this would be on both sides.... That would be 14 guage aluminum side wall and compression bent, not manderal.

    the best deal i got was $500, give or take a few bucks.

    is that reasonalable, i was thinking more like 350-400?!?

    the rest of the quotes were at like $575

    Am i being ripped off? :shrug: or is that a good price to pay :shrug:
  2. Ripped. Look on eBay for your own parts, then find a good local small shop to do the labor. I got my duals done, parts labor and all, for $185.

  3. Yeah, I am a MAC dealer and can get you an Hpipe with high flows way cheaper than 500 to make a true dual with GT takeoff, if you want email me or PM me.

  4. Cost me $300 for exactly what you want to do, except I got magnaflow mufflers and tips. If you can get under $200 your doing pretty damn good. But I would say if it is 300 or less that is a good deal, any more and your getting ripped off.
  5. no sales in the forums. edit yur own post
  6. thanks for the info, i will continue to shop around....

    and im a flowmaster guy, no magna or mac for me... no offence, but i just like the flowmaster, and thats what i want... just my choice...

    thanks :nice:
  7. There was no selling, information will only be given through PM or email! :hail2:
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  9. ooooooo you're in trouble...:p :stick:

    j/k ;)
  10. I bought my magnaflow muffs and tips online threw Paid 200 shipped to my door. Took those to a shop in town and had the y hacked for true duals like your speaking of for 250. So a total of 450. Usually id say expect to pay 300-400 but sometimes not everybody can get as good of deals as everybody else.
  11. If you pay that price, we'd be able to fit your mustang in your newly reemed out anus.
  12. :rlaugh:

    thats what i was thinking!!!
  13. Yep, I am sorry Sir!
  14. :damnit: And I thought that $390 was a fair price..... :bang: :nonono:
  15. 300-350 I paid 350 any more than that is a rip.
  16. I paid a local shop 250 for parts an labor, cut off behind the cats, new 2.25 pipes compression bent, 40 series flowmasters, and chrome 3" tips. I checked around other places, they wanted an arm and a leg, a couple places I called told me to buy a kit and they'd put it on :mad: So I checked this small place down the street, gave me an estimate, and had it done. I've since referred several of my friends there and had two other cars done. Always pays to check with the small town shops.