am i going to be disappointed?

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  1. yeah, i realize now that it wouldn't be a good decision to take a loan out.

    i'm just going to do a budget build. i'll put my 3.73s in at the same time so i am not so dissapointed with the power.

    i'll put a cam in, port and polish the stock heads and get the cobra intake ported. and get a throttle body adapter to run my intake, put a new power steering pump in, put a new fuel pump in, put in some 1.7 rockers. install my msd 6al. depending on funds maybe i'll do full exhaust too. i'd like to run high 13s, low 14s if i could with this set up. without swapping heads or anything. hopefully thats not too much to ask.

    i know this will probably take like 2 weeks to do all of, with my work schedule.
  2. These boys done did said it better than I could :hail2:

  3. i'd like to, just moneys not on my side.

    basically all i could afford would be like a cheap MAYBE 2000$ vehicle.

    i'll talk it over with my parents tomorrow.

    i can't do the car how i want it. no way i can afford that. i'll see about getting a cheap ****ty beater for a couple years. then when i am ready i'll drop money down on something low mileage with decent power.

    how can i go about with my insurance company taking the mustang off insurance? we tried that with the town car and they told us as long as it was in our possession it needs to be insured, even though it bent a rod and we had it sit.

    before i try to sell the mustang i may just want to sit on it a bit and think about it.
  4. my last DD was a 89 civic hatch it cost me 800 bucks and got 39MPG. cheap isn't always bad.
  5. I definately feel for you man. I'm 18, I have two mustangs at the moment, the 98 and the 95. Real hard driving mustangs everyday, because you don't want to be stranded if you don't get it done that night. I suggest a cheap beater, or a truck. I'll be probably buying my dads 90 f150 4x4 for a beater here in a while, however ungasmileage friendly it is, it's still a beater, and i can go muddin :D
  6. I lived in Germany for a few years, land of bad ass cars. As much as I wanted a sweet Bimmer, I settled for a beater, cost me 700 bucks, 1988 320i. Lasted me the whole time I was there, new tires and oil changes, kept it washed and clean. Sold it for 1500, in fact that was an offer not my asking price.

    Anyway, point is when I was there I didn't make a killing in the income department (had been in the Air Force a few years, young guys don't make alot) I could afford a kick ass car, but it would mean just that.. I got a kick ass car. The beater got me everywhere, was paid for, only cost me what a "nice car" payment of 2-3 months would have cash went in the bank and all around Europe traveling...I was able to do whatever I wanted, car payment/insurance didn't slow me down.

    I'm an "old guy" I guess, and as others have said previously, spend your money wisely. This hobby isn't cheap, unless you got some serious cash to blow, these projects take years to compile "rome wasn't built in a day" comes to mind. Your money, do what you want, and whatever you choose, good luck and have fun
  8. I forgot to add that when I first got out of high school, and was planning (still am), for my future, I had a decision to make. Get rid of the mustangs, buy a new fusion or a truck or something reliable, and just put going fast on the back burner. yes it would be a way to definately focus on the future, but you know what, if I had put it away, I would be the saddest person in the world right now. I mean, logically, and financially, it would be the smartest move, but it would be a large sacrifice of my happiness to do so. I enjoy the mustangs to much to give them all up. Stay away from car payments, you will be so stressed with them, you won't know what to do, but live from payment to payment.
  9. Insurance policies can be downgraded to reflect that the car is not being driven. But you want insurance for damage caused to the car when it's not driven - such as a bunch of punks smashing in the window. The policy should be really cheap as long as the car is not parked on the street. Once the car is running, upgrade the insurance again.

  10. yep same car. got some black fr500's waiting to go on.
  11. damn is it going to be a DD wheel in back?
  12. now i could be wrong, but would that be higher then liability? my understanding of liability was that it only covers the other person in the event of a crash? or is there something that covers you for if any one vandalizes your car?

    the town car we have in the driveway, we don't have a garage unfortunately, so thats the only place it could of gone.

    i think the person who previously posted on new jersey having to have all registered vehicles insured was right. because we haven't insured my thunderbird yet, because we haven't registered it yet. its parked in teh driveway for the past 3 or so years.
  13. yeah thats what i'm thinking. like, if i had to give up the mustang i wouldn't know how to feel. like i can go from a really crappy mood, and as bad as my car runs, and as bad as it looks compared to how i want it, it still puts a smile on my face when i hear it start up. i wouldn't get that same feeling from a geo metro. or anything else.

  14. i guess just whats pushing me the most to make this car faster, is basically seeing everyone spend loads of money that isn't theirs, or just not smart, and basically seeming alot happier. everyone in high school spent like 10k on their first car, i spent 350 bucks for my first car, 400 for the second, and 2,000 or so for the stang. i've run into problems with both cars i've driven at school, embarassing as hell. then my bands singer just bought a 2008 wrx and now hes looking at buying a newer truck. best friend got a 2004 grand prix gt for his first car, now looking at getting a gto or a trans am. i work every hour i can get and i still get dealt the bad card. oh well. sorry for the rant.