Am I sick, or what?


New Member
Jul 7, 2004
somewhere near Louisville, KY
I have been having trouble focusing on anything lately, because all I can really think about with any semblance of enthusiasm is my 347 going in my Cobra. I'm getting it all together starting Thursday. My friend and I will be working Thursday Friday and all weekend until she's complete. I just cant wait. I literally visualize it and imagine the feeling of being behind the wheel again after 7 months. I think I'm losing my grip on reality. I think about it when I am lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. When the UPS guy shows up I beat the dog to the door, and I'm panting too. I have to make sure I get home before my wife, so I can open any packages of parts and break down the boxes and hide them under the other trash so she wont bitch about the money I spend. I have parts squirreled away everywhere, my closet, in my work truck, in my brothers trunk. I make secret calls to Summit for parts, and I browse eBay when shs isnt around looking for deals to snipe at the last minute. When friends and family ask about the car, I go into my speech about how it all started with a blown head gasket...

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