Am I the only asian dude around here with a mustang?

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  1. dude, its not that ppl hate aisian cars, its just hose ppl that disrespect the first ****ing car company on the planet. thats when i get pissed. htats y im not doin n e thing to the exterior of my car, i make my engine the **** first so when these "rice" punks wanna b the ****, theyll have to pass me first.
  2. yayayaaya, our cars are fast for what we paid, for sure. and they look ****nig badass.
    i really want o race 300zx non-turbo 1v1, if i lose it would stil b cool because it woudl b close as **** i tihnk
  3. :stupid:
  4. <-----indian...

    one of few not to have a luxury/semi-luxury sedan...

    one of fewer to have a domestic...

    one of even fewer to have a sports car....

    one of a couple to have a domestic sports car...
  5. Just call me TEX :)
  6. im half filipino and half white. i dont really mind asian kids that are ricers. i know that asians know what they are doing with their cars. its the white kids with the 200 ft aluminum wings and a basketball rim mufflers that just egg me on. thats when i feed them the v8 power. my pure filipino dad drives a 2003 SVT Cobra, so we are out there and we drive some of the meaner stangs. thanks to all the other asians out there who realize that american power is unstoppable. i get **** talked to me all the time about how i should be driving some kind of civic or some ****.
  7. Who cares?

    [soap box]

    Does it really matter if someone is asian and owns a Mustang? What "race" is a Mustang designed for? Answer: Human.

    Who gives a sh1t? If someone is that stupid to steriotype, so be it. As far as "ricers" It's not just "azns" that do it, at least around here, it's about every race that lives here, and it's not just Honda's, they screw up Mustangs and Camaro's and Trans Am's. And even if it was only "azns" that "rice" cars up... so what? Everyone is different. I never undersood 13in gold plated daytons on a lowered full size Chevrolet pickup with Corvette tailights either, but if someone likes it so what? I don't hate them, I just don't have the same likes as they do. So if someone asks me if I hate "ricers" to me, I say no. I just think their cars look stupid. They are not stupid, and even if they knew nothing about cars they still are not stupid. Lots of brilliant people know nothing about cars.

    When people stop hating people for things as petty as making a car look tacky, the world will be a better place to live.

    [/soap box]
  8. I'm is my ride:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. are those 18s I see SO many 17s like that I can never tell if they are 18s or not.
  10. Beautiful car btw. But all it needs is a saleen hood! Once you've got that youll be pimpin.
  11. damn dude, i hope that wasnt a v6 that you did that to. thats quite a bit of money to put into it. you shouldve mixed up your kit parts that way people dont think you are trying to be a saleen imposter. looks good though. got any go with that ride?
  12. you're right mike. but ppl at my school do ask me weird questions. stereotyping is fo real man. they ask something retarded like how come i din'd get a civic for the same price. well guess what civic is slow as **** and it doesn't look half as cool as a mustang. and its FWD. I tihnk i get weird looks too on the road because they see that im some azn dude, they expect me to b in a rice box. I like rice tho, but it must b tastefully done. that 8 inch fartpipe and cut springs bul**** is so overdone man. we got an army of those civic hatcbacks around here.
  13. another azn here, soon to be with a 03 5 speed :)

    im dissapointed that my dads tls with a smaller engine and auto will kill my soon to be stang, but hey, you get what you pay for, and id much rather drive the stang than a civic. as far as rice goes, most of the ricers around my area are white. go figure, azn guy drives a stang, white guys ricing out cars. what has the world come to? ;)
  14. dont worry man, your dads car isnt that much faster. those things are heavy as hell.
  15. Well see you have a different opinion then me on what a ricer is. When someone asks me if i hate ricers i say yes because....
    1. The ricer fly by. Just stupid
    2. Ricers in groups do stupid **** like 1 wheel burn out contests
    3. The attitude in general. They think their cars are the best in the world and no one elses are.
    4. They are very violent people. Ricer gangs screw up each others cars all the time for being part of another club. Now thats just stupid.
    5. The most annoying hideous sounding exhausts ever. Im sorry but when they get close to 100 db, thats when i start hitting crap. They wake me up every night with their high pitched whines as they go through my neighborhood.

    Hell i have nothing agaisnt the way ricers look. Do what you will to your car, that doesnt effect me. But, dont let your tastes bother other people.
  16. thats the Acura TL Type S
  17. sup djedit, ive seen your car around. my friend lives on the other side of the block. maybe youve seen him too, hes got taht vette. so is your car a six?

  18. You HATE the PERSON for that? Hate is a strong word. Ricer fly by doesn't bother me any... didn't hurt me at all and the person that did it is living a fantasy so what's the harm?

    Again... you HATE PEOPLE for doing one wheel burnout contest? I agree it's dumb, but SO WHAT? (I also fail to see the point of a 2 wheel burnout contest... what's the point?) Lots of people do dumb things all the time, but why should I HATE them for it?

    Be it so.. again I say.. SO WHAT? People here think the Broncos are the greatest football team in the universe. I don't agree. Should I HATE them for it? Do you HATE everyone that does not share your same opinon?

    OH bullsh1t. So according to you, anyone that does a ricer fly by or puts a gigantic wing on their car is violent. Hmmm... my 30 year old and 25 year old ricer co-workers don't seem too violent to me.

    Food for thought. You are considered ricer by alot of people for simply modifiying a Mustang V6 since it's not a "real" Mustang. Argure about it til' you are blue in the face but it is a fact that some people think that.

    How can your tastes bother other people? I will openly admit "ricer' cars look stupid. I will not HATE PEOPLE that drive them.. for no reason. Otherwise I am no different than any other ignorant racist... no matter how you look at it.

    Off topic:

    I just put a "Type S" decal on the back of our outherwise compleltey un-altered Nissan Quest minivan just cause I think it's funny.