Am I the only asian dude around here with a mustang?

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  1. If I were AzN (note to splatteredguts: Asian, not Arizonian), I would probably want a Nissan or some import. But I'm white/american, as is my family, and most of my friends -- therefor I drive American Iron.

    [ NOTE: I hope that did not come off as racist. People are accussing me of saying racist coments, when I truely did not intend to. Infact, I just posted that nonsense so I could do that little note to splatterguts. That is all, thankyou. ]

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  2. 95% of the "ricers" I see go by are black or white guys trying to be black (the slang term "wigger") I have yet to see an Asian "ricer"

    I don't have a problem with them as people, usually. (I dislike/distrust eveyone equally until they give me reason not to) I don't like what their cars look/sound like, and I don't like how they typically think their car is faster than yours and then when you prove them wrong, they don't even show any respect to ya. Ricer = changing looks of a car to make it look more fly. Very very few mods done for performance. affordable American muscle driver (not sure what else to call Stang, Camaro, Firebird owners) usually almost ALL performance mods...very very few esthetic mods. No wonder they typically don't mix. It's yin and yang.

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  3. You have yet to see an AzN (note to splatteredguts: Asian, not Arizonian) ricer?:shrug: You aren't looking hard enough into the import scene.

    Check out some popular Ricer Magizines...such as Super Street, or Turbo Magizine. :nice:
  4. I mean on the streets. I'm not exactly going out of my way to find an Asian ricer. Actually, I'd rather avoid them all together. :p
  5. Oops, sorry ... thought you had an "AzN (note to splatteredguts: Asian, not Arizonian) Hunt" you wanted to go on!

    Forgiveness please!
    *evil japanese business man laughter*
  6. thanks for the notes there, zippo. i'm trying, man... i'm reeeaallly trying.:nice:
  7. For the record I'm half asian and didn't get the memo about "AZN" either. Frankly I find it kind of disturbing. :D
    But then again, I do own two American cars, so maybe I'm just a self hating "AZN"(Curb Your Enthusiasm joke - the self-hating jew, ah Nevermind :D ).
  8. i'm chamorro :p born and raised on guam, pinoy by nature but not ethnically pinoy. :p hahaha dude, asian cars rock, they get great gas mileage and the fuel economical value is through the roof, but when people sit there and rice em up, that's just pathetic. so yeah, chamorro in socal... i feel ya w/ the asian thing, i sorta relate more to the pacific islander thing though. anyway yeah... thought i'd post my 1.5 cents.

  9. make that 3 of us!
  10. im filipino...from Hawaii...IMPORTS SUCK!!!
  11. well I guess I'm the only Bosnian here
  12. Yo stephen. what part of LA do you live? ive just never seen your car around. post some pics and maybe ill recognize you if i ever see you on the road.
  13. i'm asian too (indian) but then again I don't drive a Mustang (just research parts on it for 2 friends)

    I like my 4 door Maxima :D (and it does have torque...not detroit tq but enough to keep me hapy)
  14. Yeah, I know this is old, but I'd say that we have a pretty good chance against the NA 300ZX. It does have 20 more hp but 20 less tq. and it weighs 100 or so more lbs. Plus, they are old now and ours are fairly new. Anybody raced one?
  15. Im filipino....and consider my self a pacific islander...anyways im from southern cali...and enjoying modding my stang
  16. My grandfather is Filipino, does that count. I never know what box to check when applying for anything gov't related! :rlaugh:
    Seems I am a bit older than some here.

    I own 4 Fords,
    1998 GT 5 speed for me
    1997 Escort Sport 5 speed for the spouse
    1990 Escort GT 5 speed for my 16 year old daughter
    1985 Mustang GT 5 speed has 3:55 gears, new Holley but Needs valve Job
    Toy car

    This link explains why front wheel drive cars lack THE FUN TO DRIVE factor.

    Sadly I sold my first heavily modded car 16 years ago when my daughter was born. No regrets but still sad, if you are able to keep your first "hot rod" do so. My first one was a 1970 Firebird, 455 CID, 7.7 liters, 3:55 gears, 3000 pounds, subframe connectors; a stock 455 had 510 pounds of torque at 2700 rpm, it pulled hard even at low RPMs!

  17. hey my "ricer" friend owns like a korean supermarket in honolulu i think maybe you've seen him. he has a supra tt.

  18. i live in downtown in one of those skyrise apts. but im in the valley almost everyday for work in encino. other than that most of my friends live in torrance and pv, and irvine too. i used to live in pv but parents moved to alaska :shrug: dont ask me why they did.
  19. Hmmm....I guess there are more Asians on this forum than first thought. You can add one more to the list (I'm Filipino). Later! :nice:
  20. Yep....taiwanese right here <3 my stang :D