Am I the only one here who thinks that...

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  1. ... The 2005 Mustang is beautiful? I Have no complaints whatsoever. Everyone else seems to hate this or that... But damn, I love it. Everything about it. And the mufflers that everyone hate because they are exposed... I can live with. However, if I bought an '05, I highly doubt the stock exhaust would last long. I'd be trying to figure out alternate places to put the mufflers (preferably Flowmaster, Bassani, Magnaflow,or Borla), and run some nice long 3.5" Chrome Slash Cut tips out the back.

    But all in all, I think it is one of the hottest looking cars since the original Mustangs were in production. I think they will be a hit with the public. Its sleek, beefy, and has that Bad-ass look to it that most cars don't even come close to. I just cant wait to see it in real life.
  2. I also agree that it's one of the nicest Mustangs ever. I do hate the muffler location. But it's not something that a little side exhaust won't fix.
  3. I'm pretty much with you. Its a powerful, modern interpretation of what made the mustang great. ANd it is an improvement in just about every way over the current car. Whats to complain about?
  4. I love every bit of the car, and will love every bit of the '06 Cobra I plan to own :nice:
  5. I'm definitely with you on that, I love the car. There is really nothing that I don't like about it other than the mufflers of course, but in no way will that change my decision on getting one. Should be an interesting upgrade for me, going from an 87 to and 05/06. Can't wait :canflag:
  6. Yeah. I am uncertain as to whether or not I will purchase one. 1st I must see it in person. 2nd I must wait until the 06 yr model at the earliest cuz new car models have bugs. & 3rd if I'm motivated enough I need to prepare myself to have 2 stangs since I love mine too much to ditch her.
  7. I can't complain since I have not yet scene the new Mustang in person. However from what I see here, I really like this car. The mufflers are nothing; once painted flat black, they go away. I did this with my 4 banger ZX2 and you can't really see the muffler anymore.
  8. I'm in the "holy hell getting one ASAP" camp.

    I've followed this car since news in 99...and it was a long road, lotta bumps, and its not over yet...but the finish line is in sight...

    Sure it may have things that can be changed.
    Thats the beauty of the aftermarket.
    I like changing it a bit, and calling it my own....

    I'm not as nitpicky as some others, or the "can't afford it, so I'll hate it crowd"
  9. i'm in. getting the first silver/metal/titanium/charcoal gray colored GT w/manual I come across.
  10. the wing isnt big enough

    jk man jk!
  11. I'm also in love with the new 'Stang. I can't wait for this thing to come out, and drop in price just a pinch so I can afford a 300hp car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. looks great so far....but I'm waiting to see the 'vert before I profess my love for the new 'stang ;)
  13. I wonder if there is any other place to put a muffler?? I'm sure the guys who designed it would have preferred the more traditional slash tips with no muffler exposed. I think you have to choose what you see...the gas tank, or the mufflers. I'd rather look at the mufflers if it's my own car. Makes for a much safer car with the tank in a more appropriate location. Personally, I love the car and don't mind the mufflers too much. I'm very pleased to hear that you'll be able to wing-delete the GT. I think the wing is ghey and I doubt that it's fact, I haven't liked a Mustang wing since '93 (and they were functional back then).
  14. I already own 2 Mustangs ( a 2001 GT and a 2002 V6 ). I really love the new 2005 Mustang GT. There is really nothing that I don't like about it. I really don't mind much with the exposure of the mufflers. Overall, it's a really nice retro-looking vehicle. It looks MUCH BETTER than most of the Mustang models that were built in the past by Ford.

    I want to buy one, but I will have to wait until the end of 2006 or until the beginning or middle of 2007 before I buy one. First of all, I want Ford to get the bugs out of the original model which they build. Secondly, I want to be able to buy the new Mustang with the Ford rebates. And thirdly, I already own 2 Mustangs and I will need to hold on to them until I have racked up enough miles on at least one of them in order to sell it so I can buy another one. I just purchased the Ford 7 Year/100,000 mile Premium Care Extended Warranty for my 2001 GT that only has 1,279 original miles on it. I don't drive my 2001 GT at all and I want to keep it longer than my V6 Mustang. So, if you look at it this way, I still have over 4 1/2 years and 98,700 miles left on the 2001 GT until the bumper to bumper extended warranty runs out.

    I am also thinking about purchasing the same exact Ford extended warranty for my 2002 V6, but probably will not purchase it until the late summer or fall of 2004. It depends on what mileage I will have on my V6 Mustang by then. But if I also buy the extended warranty for my 2002 V6 Mustang, I will at least have another 65,000 miles and/or 4 years of warranty left on it. So I can keep driving it for at least until early to mid 2007 before deciding whether I should sell it for a brand new 2007 model year Mustang GT. If I do sell one of my Mustangs I would ONLY sell the 2002 V6 Mustang and I would in return purchase a brand new 2007 Mustang GT. I don't want to sell my 2001 Mustang GT. I want to hold on to it.

    So, this is the dilemma which I am faced with here. I love both of my current Mustangs and I also love the new 2005+ Mustang GT. For me, I will need to find the right timing to purchase the new 2005+ Mustang. What about some other people in here? Do you also own more than 1 Mustang which you love a lot which you do not want to part with here?
  15. I love the new design too, Im ordering mine in late 05 to wait for the bugs are fixed, save for a good downpayment, and get out of debt.
    I already traded my 03 V6 mustang for a ZX2 to save money.
  16. I am with you. I love it. I think this car is to the 1967/68 Fastback what the modern day Porche 911 is to the original Porches way back when.

    The 'only' complaint, if you could call it that is one that wishes for more power in the GT, but that's just being greedy! If 300HP is good, then 350HP is better. :lol:

  17. I havn't seen it in person yet, it looks good, but I would have rather had a more modern Mustang, I'm not a fan of retro. I can't wait to see it in person.

    I won't be buying a new car until late 2006, by then I should have my pic of a new Mach 1 , GTO, Cobra, Camaro, and C6 Vette(if I have the cash) to pic from.
  18. I really like it but I would be lying if I said there aren't things on the car I don't think are the best in the world. I don't like the rear but it's growing on me and the visible mufflers aren't that big of a deal to me as I had plans to do something trick with the exhaust system that might envolve moving the mufflers anyway.
    But overall I love the car and I think it's the best looking Stang since the late 60s and the best Stang overall ever(price and potential performance of a GT is going to be great if the aftermarkets are remotely close to the current 4.6 aftermarket). The only thing I want to see now is what the mid range performance model will be. If a Boss/Mach is made and it's roughly at the price of the current Mach and with gobs of power and decent unique stylying I'll gladly be among the first to pick one up. If things go well I'll be glad to call myself the owner of an 06 Mustang 25 years down the road. I truly believe after all the other fads have come and gone these Mustangs will be among the most loved and admired being just after the Stangs of the 60s.
  19. I agree with you 100% OmegaLock. The 2005+ Mustangs will be one of the most admired vehicles after the Mustangs of the 60's. It's definitely true my friend. :nice: