Am I the only one that things slammed mustangs are sexy?

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  1. Just curious..seems like not too many people like slammed mustangs for some reason?
  2. "am i the only one who things slammed mustangs are sexy"

    do you mean "think"

    no, i love a slammed mustang....but i dont like them too low, i think anything over 2 1/2 inches is a lil too much.
  3. They look great slammed, yes.

    Highly impractical for alot of us though.
  4. I agree with around 2 to 2 1/2 inches is perfect.
  5. No.... Mine is pretty slammed I think. Not too sure how low it is, but probably 2 1/2" lower than stock..... When the tires get near tucking though, thats TOOOO slammed IMO!!!!
  6. I like slammed but can't run slammed or I will bottom out. Heck sometimes I bottom out with the FRPP B springs. So I probably would not go lower then my 1.2” that I have on my car, I wish I could.
  7. your stance looks good!
  8. Hell yes!! The lower the better. I think I have mine about as low as possible without being completely impractical. Does the mid-pipe scrape over speed bumps and driveway inlets? Yes, but I don't really care because I would rather drive it slammed and mess up my exhaust than ride around in a 4x4 car.

    p.s. Been dragging the **** out of my mid pipe for 6 years and don't have an exhaust leak yet (knocks on wood) only small dings and a lot of scratches.
  10. depends no what you consider slammed.. but anything other than 4x4 is sexy to me

    2 fingers

    no fingers

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  11. Well, the front of my car had 2 fingers...but when 2 people were in the front it would drop down another 1/2-1 inch and be virtually on the fender.

    I put prothan spring isolators in the front and it raised it an inch...and I hate it.

    So I dont know what im gonna do...probably remove just the upper and drop it down closer to the fender.

    I might just remove both the Iso's again..I loved the slammed look too much.

    the front generally doesnt rub much anyway...its always the rear with those damn strange drag struts.
  12. That's perfect imo :drool:

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  13. I like them low but not to low. A few people in town have them slammed and its too much IMO. As soon as I get the 89 looking a little better springs will be the next mod on the GT.
  14. i love them slammed thats y when i get my truck its gettin a 3/5 drop so i can still pull a trailer


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  15. Red Slammed Sled FTW


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  16. yea, thats how mine was before I put isolators in...which I cant even remember why I wasted my time and money.

    O well, Ill probably just take them out.

    You ever notice the front drivers side wheel seems to sit closer to the back side of the fender than the front...take a look at it handz and let me **** is so much farther back and it annoys the hell out of me.

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  17. maybe consider a higher quality spring?

    I have H&R SS w/ iso's with new shocks/struts all the way around and my car doesn't move if I have 2 people in the car. :nice:
  18. mine does that on the passenger side, and yeah, it annoys the hell out of me too:mad:

  19. Ive notice that us 94-98 guys have a lot of wierd that, a lot of us have a little dent looking thing in the drivers side fender, and the passenger side rear tends to sit down farther I believe.
  20. dude....its a spring, not a rock. :bs::bs::bs:

    You seriously gonna sit here and act like H&R springs are so amazing that you can throw 350-400 lbs in the front of the car and struts and springs arent gonna compress at all?...what is the spring rate, 2000 lb an inch?

    Anyways, I just dont like hearing rubbing....the rear is always rubbin with my 315s when im takeing turns hard...hopefully I can avoid that when I drop down to some smaller tires.

    The front rarely ever rubbed but it has...maybe an eibach sway bar would help keep the front end from rubbing at all, even slammed?