Am I the only one that things slammed mustangs are sexy?

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    not a mustang but i saw this the other day lol, had to take a pic

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  2. wow chill out little guy

    I was just being helpful and suggesting other options.. I'm sure it goes down some but I can still fit a finger between the tire and finder. oh, and yes H&R are that amazing.

    you have a few options

    go on a diet
    get better springs
    get better struts
    get over it
  3. wow:shrug:

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  4. I prefer SLAMMED! :nice: mmmmm:D




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  5. Never really thought about it too deeply, but I guess I fall in the lowerd but not too slammed dept. for that perfect/sexy stance with the right rims and tires. Do you have variable rate springs? Maybe a change to specific rate springs are the way to go so you don't get that initial drop at the beginning of compression?
  6. yup, my passenger side sits about 3/8 in lower then the driver side,and it is IMPOSSIBLE to fix, i swiched springs, changed springs, tried to take a stock spring and cut it down to make it sit level, i was all a waste of time, it still sits lower:(

  7. sexy! love it

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  8. not really sure could try sub frame connectors.
  9. I love being slammed.....Nothing makes a SN95 Look sexier than being Slammed
  10. I like the way my GT sits, but if I had it to do over again I would just leave the ride height stock and slap on some 18's and call it a day.
  11. already have em:(
  12. lol..then just give up.

    yea, If I would have slapped 18s on my stock ride height, I would have killed myself.....:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    check this **** out


    you can also see how for the right my front drivers side tires sits. lol

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