Amazing! Check this out!

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  1. This is what the sunsets look like in Tennessee. This is why I love this place.


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  2. That is noice! Now, get out there with the 'stang next time and take pics of it with the sunset in the background :nice:
  3. I plan on it one day. I was actually working at the time and I was in a company car. I was driving and I kept trying to find a good place to take a pic before the sun got too low and I barely did. I stopped on the side of the road to take it :D
  4. Very kewl...
  5. AZ sunsets > Tenn sunsets :p Very nice though!
  6. I'll take TN over NY ANYDAY!
  7. TN all the way!
  8. personally i could not live in a state without a coastline, but thats just me

  9. That's why God made NC. :D
  10. :lol: :rlaugh:
  11. I vacationed down there last August... and mark my words...I WILL live there some day.

  12. Georgia is beautiful...****ty pic, but you get the idea...this is Tybee Island's sunset...

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  13. HOLY ****! i dont know if i would want to run or stare at that. i think that scares me lol:lol:
  14. x2 - that's freaky. :eek: Reminds me of 8 Below... it's a dog killer. :D