Amazing turbo truck on the dyno

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  1. how'd you make your post count say 43,054?? thats some serious postage
  2. Who's the girl in your sig?
  3. Somebody gave me a bonus for my good behaving :banana::banana:
  4. Charisma Carpenter (that chick from the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  5. Seems they got a nice red Mach1 in the back :nice:
  6. They don't look the same to me :shrug:

  7. is that that blue truck that was in hot rod magazine a while ago??? i think it is, i saw street racing videos of that guy dusting everything, and i mean everything

  8. Ohh I didntt read right..The girl in my avatar is Charisma Carpenter but the babe in my sig is Amanda, you know her from the "clinically insane..whatever forum" :D

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  9. Oh, okay
  10. Propably. That guy was running 10.9 with 12psi and a 75shot. Now as we can see he's at 16psi and a 100shot so he'll go even faster now..:nice:
  11. his tires looked crazy as hell
  12. She (Charisma) looks kinda ****ty in your pic. I kinda like her more natural. Dont get me wrong I'd still PIITB :nice: What an ass :drool:
  13. Yeah, I love those wayyyvvvyyyy tires.
  14. DAMN! that is crazy. Those exhaust manifolds glowin bright orange were amazing. Wouldn't heating them to that point eventually make the steel fail somewhere? Also, what was up with the wrinkled tire in the one shot?

    great vid though man
  15. yeah the bright orange manifold was my fav part
  16. yeah I have seen that truck race it is M that it looks completley stock...nice sleeper...
  17. Yea thats Parish from The truck is amazing. He's from omaha nb. Since i'm only about 2 hours away from there, his crew of guys usually come down to KC everyonce and awhile. The thing sounds like a jet when it goes by you. I absolutely love that truck.

  18. You're lucky that you saw it with your own eyes :drool:
  19. Oh its insane. I remember last summer we were hangin out at a regular spot. We were sittin there chillin and we heard this jet sound coming from the highway near by (1/8mile or so) And we on the other side of the hill so we can't see anything. And i remember seeing his first couple vids when it was on the stock motor. So i told the guys around me that it sounded like his truck....low and behold he rolls up into the parking lot. It was amazing. He humilated everyone that tried up against him.