AMAZON/TROPIC Green (SU) Pics please?

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  1. hey peeps been lurking here and there for a while. SO i picked up a 2000 Amazon Green GT color code SU and I am having one hell of a time finding pics of modded card in this color? ANyone own one and wana post up please do so, I wana see more specificall some wheels! Please just 99-02s, which I believe were the only years for this color..I will post some of mine as soon as i get it washed
  2. itsnot a very common color. i've only seen about 4 that i can recall.
  3. guy had this locally for sale on craigslist last week.
    i dont think it's tropic green though, i think its electric....still green tho :shrug:

    Beautiful car IMO :hail2:


    Notice the very uncommon MRT B Wing :nice:


    then i found this pic...guy called it electric green, but im not sure if it actually is the same color as the real Electric Green
    His rear saleen fascia looks a lil fuxxored up, but i love the pearl-ish green hues

  4. heres my 2000

  5. Ive got a 2000 GT thats Tropic Green. i will try and post some pics.
  6. that looks Siiiiiccccccckkk DCjuggalo :nice: :nice:
  7. thanks man, you got one of the best looking gt's ive ever seen btw
  8. I have a rare one

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  9. 2003 GT Vert Premium

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  10. oh what could have been:(

    my first color choice for a Mustang way back in 'o2 was Tropic Green but the only one available (this was WAY late into 'o2 production) was in Corpus Christi and it was an automatic. in hindsight i should have went for it but settled for my Mineral Grey

    and i could've SWORN 'o2 was the last year for that color, guess not:shrug:
    must be like Mineral Grey 'o3 Cobras, just a handful out there
  11. Sorry but green mustang just ugly, had it before on my 96 mustang:puke:
  12. Nice pics guys! I think they look real good especially with the standard drop and aftermarket rims. My fav green on a late model mustang however, has to be Dark Highland Green on the 2k1 bullitts.
  13. +1
  14. Ressurecting an old thread, I dont know if your still looking, or if you even still have the car BUT...


  15. haha, sorry but i sold that car bout a year ago and got me a 90 GT. I have some nice pics on my comp of what it last looked like before it went though, will upload some later
  16. I remember being 16 sitting a a red light when I saw my first new edge gt in 99. An electric green pulled up beside me in my parents lazer red sixer and reved at me with an awesome exhaust jaw dropped and I have been a huge fan of that rare color every since.
  17. Found this 2000 Saleen S281

    It's for sale (don't know where) with 24K miles or so
  18. Link to the ad?? Please, I may be interested in it...