Ambient Lighting Kit Install

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  1. Anyone have the PDF instructions for installing the 2008 ambient lighting kit (PN: 8S4Z-13E700-AA)? I'll be installing it in an '07 GT.
  2. Is that the accessory one? Or a retrofit of the OEM factory option? sorry I don't have the pdf just wondered
  3. It's the accessory one (doesn't have the cupholder light ring - just an LED) and only light bars for the front footwells. If I like it, I'll expand it to the rear and possibly the trunk and engine bay. Should be able to upgrade the console later as well once I've seen how the '08's look.
  4. Thanks for the link Tom - just what I was looking for. I see your location is Lynnwood (WA I assume). I bought my car in Lynnwood and drove it back to Calgary. Hope to get back down that way this summer.
  5. I dont know guys.... I think you might be able to do this cheaper using after market accessories and not buying from Ford directly.
  6. Maybe - I know I can buy single color LED light bars much cheaper and could cobble the harness/switch etc together. This kit has the 7 color scrolling option and OEM appearance. At an all in cost of $230 it's not a bank-breaker (to be honest it was an impulse buy at the parts counter :) ). Will let you know how it looks once it's installed.
  7. The difference with this kit is it comes with a round button that you have to drill your center console to mount it. You also have to drill small holes in your cupholder for the LED lights.
    I spent extra $$ (too much I admit) and got the stock 08 center console plastic, cupholder, and button from the dealer (Harris Ford) and wired it so it looks very OEM. Mine now has the light ring in the cupholder and square button that looks stock.
  8. And yes I am in Lynnwood, WA.
    Check out

    We are a free club, and meet every Friday during the summer in Lynnwood at 44th and 196th and attend many events and car shows.
  9. Do you mind posting what the extra $$ were? Did you put lightbars in the rear footwells as well (I think the '08's have those??)? I'm not fussy about how the square switch looks on the console so will mount my round switch inside the console box.

    Lynnwood is about 660 miles from here but I hope to get down your way once this summer - will try to drop in on your Friday event.
  10. The kit doesn't come with light bars for the back seats. I didn't really care about that since I have a convertible and the back seats are small anyway.
    I got mine from the ford dealer for $270 plus tax.
  11. $270 for the kit plus console, cup holder, and square button or $270 for just the extras to make it look OEM?
  12. Sorry it is $270 for the lighting kit
    The center console is $256 (top half of it)
    Cupholder $19
    Button $24
    And I think the harness is $160. This has the clear ring that goes in between the console and the cupholder. It has LEDs attached to it but I couldn't make those work so I just taped the ones from the lighting kit to the clear plastic. Works ok.
  13. Yikes! That is a bit pricey.
  14. I was looking at buying one of those but than when I found out it wasn't the real deal I wad disappointed.
  15. Did you splice into the power wire, or run it to the fuse box?
  16. i've definitely seen cheaper...:jaw:
  17. On my '07 GT there is a spare harness (grey unused connector) under the console. The harness has a constant 12v, a keyed 12v, and an illumination source (comes on with the light switch and goes through the dimmer). This spare harness is very handy for these types of low current draw mods. I haven't installed the kit yet but don't know why that harness couldn't be used. :shrug:
  18. I've seen the same plug and figured it was the plug they used for the ambient lighting kit when they come as a factory option.
  19. Do you guys have manual transmission cars? I think that plug is for the auto shifter... At least that was my best guess when I came across it when I had the console top off.