Ambient Lighting Kit Install

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  1. I've got a manual car but I don't believe that has anything to do with a transmission. Just a guess though.
  2. Mine's a manual car so the unused harness may well be for the automatic console. I have the complete wiring diagram for the '07 model year so will have a look when I get a spare minute to see if the diagrams label it for a particular purpose. I had assumed that they built it into the harness in anticipation of the ambient lighting option that perhaps then got delayed. I used this harness already to power my A-pillar guages (fuel press, w/b AFR, & boost) and my radar detector. It's a bit extra wire to reach the console from those locations, but it beats working upside down under the dash. I'll probably use it again for powering the ambient lighting kit.
  3. I followed the instructions to tap the power lead near the driver's footwell. The ambient lighting is only on when the headlights are on. I am not sure but if you tap the circuit where the automatic transmission harness is, it may be on all the time or when the car is on regardless of the headlights.
  4. The harness in the console has the keyed source - I wonder why the instructions want you to tap in in the driver's footwell? :shrug:
  5. It might be keyed but that'd mean it'd be on all the time the car is on, not just when the lights are on ...
  6. The harness has constant 12v, keyed 12v, and an illumination source which comes on with the lights and also goes through the dimmer. I think the kit switch rotates through all 7 colors and "off".
  7. Sorry to bring this topic back, Tom, whats parts did you actually need to get the clear ring to work with the ford accessory kit. I installed the accessory kit, but I want to change to the figure 8 ring. Were you able to use the square button with the accessory kit?

    Do you have any pics of it installed
  8. I had to get the upper half of the console with the square button hole opening and the cup holders since this is now 2 pieces. Then another part to get the ring and the button itself. I cut the wires to the round button supplied in the kit and wired the square button to the same wires and it works ok.
    The ring comes with LEDs attached to it, however, I couldn't make them work with the kit. So I did a low tech approach, I took off the LEDs from the ring and just taped the ones from the kit on each side. It may not be quite as bright as the stock but still works ok.
    I don't know the exact part numbers, I worked with a local dealer (Harris Ford, Lynnwood, WA) on this.
  9. Thanks alot, I think this is the way I will go.
  10. Been wondering about this ambient light thing for a while. I searched around as far as getting a kit, most likely knowing that if I bought it from the dealer it would be far more expensive. Anyway, my question is really this:

    I have an 07 V6 mustang and I do want to try and put in the ambient lighting kit thing into it. From what I have been reading I would need to get an 08 center console among a few other things in order to actually be able to do this correctly or what? I am trying to find out exactly what I need to do in order to install this into my 07 so I can both gauge what it may cost me and find out the procedure for installing. (I have that PDF thingy just curious is all )

    I apologize if I bump this or anything I am just curious about this subject because of what I want to do to my car. (Basically just the cup holder thing but the foot well seems kinda cool too >.> )
  11. I finally installed mine and it's not bad. I used my '07 console and put the switch where the square one is on the '08's. The cupholder uses a diffuser and single point LED rather than a ring. The footwell lighting is very subtle. I like it but wouldn't go to alot of trouble for the effect.
  12. I have an 08 Vista Blue premium with the factory ambient lighting and they are on all the time that the car is on and they also light up the back seat footwells.
  13. adding ambient lighting to your mustang

    I recently got the chance to retro fit an ambient lighting kit from a 2009 mustang into another vehicle, So for all you guys who care. Instead of new (some guys complaining about price) Have you thought of checking with wrecking yards for the lighting? That is were my buddy got his don't know the price sorry but yards are much cheaper. Any way I messed with this thing for a couple min. to find out what wires did what. So here is what I found on a retro fit. OE Ford ambient lighting. If you get a kit with harness past the plug with a pigtail into the main dash harness. Red with black stripe is your pos connection. and the open (not shielded wire) is your negative. yes I know there are two more greens and one more red but like I said RETRO FIT This gave me power to all the lights OE switch and cup holder lights. hope this helps someone out there I will keep trying to figure out what the other wires do I figure probably night and day mode maybe dimmer. Not sure.