American Muscle to Sponsor Land Speed Record Attempt

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  1. American Muscle has its sights set on supporting what could be the latestcar to break the current land speed record of 187mph. This record stands for a productionsupercharged vehicle running with stock internals over a standingmile. Robert Self, age 73, will attemptto break the current record on April 5th 6th (2008)at the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) in Maxton, North Carolina. On the 1 mile by 30ft abandoned track, hehopes to hit a top speed of 200 to 210 mile per hour, yet still keeping a safestop cushion. View attachment 327204 </img> View attachment 327205 </img> View attachment 327206 </img> View attachment 327207 </img> View attachment 327208 </img> View attachment 327209 </img>