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  1. I just wanted to give American Muscle a BIG Thank you :nice:

    I have had my 06 GT for approx 4 months now and I've purchased an SCT/SF3 Tuner, C&L Racer CAI, SHR Fuel Door, Stack Racing Deck Lid Panel, Stack Racing Upper (Pony Delete) and Lower Billet Grille and I have many many more orders to place at AM.

    I have placed about 4 different orders at AM and I have received everything within two days, the customer service is absolutely the very best in the business, their customer support is the best in the industry and their shipping time is just WOW. I simply wanted to say you guys ROCK :nice:

    Thank you American Muscle for the outstanding service and products you have provided to me.
  2. Thanks for the awesome feedback! What else do you have planned for the '06? And have you been using the forum member discount? If not, send me a pm and I'll hook you up. :)
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  3. Well, there is so much I have planned.......

    In no special order, black hood pins, Wheels and Tires, Either long tubes with a catted shorty x-pipe or just a Magnaflow catted x-pipe, I have not decided yet, lowering springs, adj panhard rod, adj upper/lower control arms, hood scoop, rear spoiler, chin spoiler, 410 gears, aluminum one piece drive shaft, cams...........omg I could go on and on.

    Believe me when I tell you, I will have most of that by this time next year, I put away extra $$ every pay period and once a month I will order 1 or 2 things and the cycle goes on LOL.

    All the mods I have done to my car with the exception of my MagnaPaks I have ordered from AM and 99% of what I just listed will be ordered from AM, for the reasons I listed in my OP, I stay loyal to the people/companies who deserve it, and IMO AM deserves it :nice:

    Yes I have the forum discount, I was talking to Chris Rose and he asked if I was a member of AFM and said I should PM you, I did, and within 30 mins you PMed me back (I'm mustanglvr2006 there too) and you gave me the code :) Which has saved me a substantial amount. If you happen to have a 50% discount code I'd love to have that one LOL, no seriously, Thank you again for your kindness, every dollar saved is very helpful.

    Thank you again Emily.

    American Muscle :nice:
  4. I just ordered the FRPP 410's and the bearing kit from AM and will have them on Monday :nice: called my mechanic this morning and he said drop the car off next Friday morning and I will have it back Friday afternoon, and the install will be $250.

    I called Bama Tuesday and ordered an updated 93 Race tune for the 410's, which I received yesterday and already loaded it into my Tuner, I cant wait to get these bad boys installed, the one thing I'm not looking forward to is the 500 mile break in, I'm going to have to find my inner most self control!!

    Thank you again AM for the Great service and prices :nice:
  5. Yeah they are awesome. I just ordered my clutch from them sunday and received it today. Got a better price then any other place could offer. And I have had issues before with a shifter I got that broke a few months after but they resolved it ASAP great customer service!
  6. ive never had a bad experience with AM i got new wheels the other week and one came damaged. i sent them a couple crappy pics and asked for a replacement by the friday (it was monday) and they had to ship across the country, the original shipping took 6 buisness days but they somehow got me the replacement to me in time:nice: i also bought smoked headlights from them about 7-8 months ago and about a week back i noticed some paint flaking on the inside of the driver side one, one picture, didnt even ask for a replacement and they had already shipped it by the time they replied.

    I always make a point of telling people about my good dealings with them, im always willing to pay more for customer service but they sell stuff cheaper than most anyway so it a win win
  7. thanks

    i love AM i found them about 8 months ago when i first bought my 1999 GT. The shipping is by far the best. Im in the military and stationed overseas. I got my Mach 1 chin lip in 4 days. i was impressed. keep up the good work guys.
  8. I can echo all the threads regarding AM's customer service. Of late, I've order numerous items (including pre-painted) parts and have been exceptionally pleased. I'm waiting on a new set of staggered Sumitomos mounted on Gunmetal Grey rims....can't wait to see the transformation!