SOLD American Racing Torque Thrust ii 20x10, 20x8.5 $800

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am selling a set of American Racing Torque Thrust iis. They are black with a machined lip and the rears are 20x10, the fronts are 20x8.5.

    These wheels are in great condition, 2 of them have some very minor curb rash. But other than that there are no dents, bends, or cracks.

    These wheels are a perfect candidate for powdercoating but the curb rash isnt really that bad and they look great.

    These retail for about $240 a wheel but im asking $800 for the set because of the curb rash. I am doing local pick up in the California Bay Area but if you want these and need them shipped to you Im sure we can arrange for it.

    Thanks for your time guys, PM me with offers or questions

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  2. This item is still for sale
  3. So your only asking $160 less then New ones with this curb rash? That your best price?

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