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    I've been excited to announce this all week - we picked up the Kooks line of headers and exhaust components for late-model Mustangs! As many of you know, we're all about quality components. When it comes to exhaust, Kooks headers are the Rolls Royce!

    These headers are fully constructed of T304 stainless steel and 18 gauge thickness. They're also fully madrel-bent for amazing flow that will help you pick up as much as 30RWHP across the powerband.

    We've tested 2005-2010 Mustang GT's between 17-21 RWHP increase naturally aspirated and over 27 RWHP in forced induction applications with the addition of Kooks Custom Headers.

    We've tested our 2011 Mustang GT and seen between 26-30 RWHP increase naturally aspirated with the addition of Kooks Custom Headers. Forced induction results will be available in the near future!

    These will require a tune update. If you're one of our Bama Free Tunes for Life members, simply give Bama a call at 888.226.9764 and let them know you're adding some Kooks and they'll email you updated tunes instantly!

    Why buy these from AmericanMuscle?

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  2. Time to save my pennies! :)
  3. Or you could add them to your birthday/Christmas list. :D
  4. do you think these are one of the best headers on the market for the 2005-2009 mustang?
  5. To me, there's absolutely no doubt that the Kooks headers are the top Mustang header out there. They're top-of-the-line. Check out the dyno chart on the product page over at for dyno results. Average gains are about 20RWHP with only a CAI/Tune. Forced induction, these headers can gain as much as 40RWHP depending on boost level, etc.

    They're top quality as far as materials. USA T304 stainless steel. The flanges are 3/8" thick and you could honestly install these without gaskets, LOL. That's how awesome the flanges are. The firecone collectors are ridiculously high-flowing. Their all mandrel-bent. Kooks, FTW! :hail2:
  6. Absolutely!, I have used about 4 different brands of headers over my last 11 mustangs and have NEVER seen better craftsmanship and performance. I just ripped out BBK setup and changed to Kooks and am absolutely amazed in the difference in sound and power.