AMNick Has Been Overthrown...Or Has He?

Discussion in '' started by AMChrisYoung, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Being the AmericanMuscle forum liaison is arguably the best job ever. Think about it, you get paid to hang out on the internet and talk to people about Mustangs all day. AMNick has been doing this for a while now, and in the interest of fairness to the rest of the company, the powers that be decided to promote him to a different position so someone else could bask in the awesomeness for a while. There may or may not have been a battle of epic proportions to determine who Nick's successor would be, but we're not saying. The important thing is that if there was one, and I'm not saying there was, I would have been the winner. ;)

    Thankfully (for Nick, anyway), being the forum liaison isn't quite like being the Highlander. Nick got to keep his head and he'll even check in every once in a while...when he's not too busy making sure there are plenty of hot chicks in the next catalog! But as of now, please direct PM's for AmericanMuscle discount codes or general questions to me. I'm always happy to help and I usually respond to PMs within about 24 hours on business days. Keep in mind, I'm only here M-F, so PM's sent over the weekend will be answered as quickly as possible on Monday. :nice:
  2. Welcome to the family and thanks for the help the other day.
  3. Thank you for the service! :nice: