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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03 Ghost, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Went to the Dyno a couple of weeks ago and then to a different one on Sat. Here's my sheets. Tell me what you think is up with them.......

    This is my first dyno - - - - 100 shot. A/F was perfect on both runs.

    Saturday without n2o. Good an the A/F again.

    ........and now the freak run........ on 150 shot.
    Notice the A/F gone completely lean then fat as hell. Monster torque..... 522.3
  2. I know absolutely nothing about NOS, but 522 RWTQ is :hail2:

    I think the a/f w/ nos at that low rpm is :notnice:

    Maybe the dyno has something to do with "Corvette Masters" :shrug:

  3. That last run was kinda strange. The A/F just went stupid on me!! We made two runs on the 150 shot and they were very similar. I don't have the sheet from the other on but the HP was within 2 and the TQ was within 1 - about the same on the A/F.

  4. What the hell is going on between 2,600 and 3,600rpms?

    Could it be that the nitrous is making you run extremely lean and the computer conpensated for it and caused the car to run really rich instead? Just a guess.

  5. I have no clue :shrug:
    I wish someone would tell me!!!! I sprayed it on the street once with the 150 shot after I left the dyno from about 3000 rpm in 3rd and once from around 3000 rpm in 4th. The initial "kick" was unreal - then it seemed to kinda die off. Bottle pressure was good. I guess it's just from the A/F going crazy. Back to tuning I guess.
  6. get a dyno tune and see where you can get it. You do have a wet kit , don't you. Are you sure it is jetted correctly? Not a flame , just a suggestion. The Computer is not what is adding fuel , the kit is. A good tune will help you out with more power , safer. :nice:
  7. I had a dyno tune done at the first dyno. - What would the effects of running a 150 shot on a tune set up for a 100 shot?? Maybe that's what's up???

    Yeah - it is a wet kit and I triple checked the jets before getting on the dyno.
  8. the tune for the 100 shot may be a little different, but the amount of fuel added should be relevant to the amount of N20 added . The NX wet kit controls all of that. You should stick to a 100 or 125 shot anyways. Maybe it is a fuel pump issue. A tune for the 150 is what I would do If I were going to spray it. :nice:
  9. Yeah - - I'm gonna stick to the 100 shot. I just wanted to see what would happen on the 150. I figured if I blew it that would give me a good reason to go with forged internals ;) . I hear Kenne Bell callin' my name !!
  10. Just priced the KB a few minutes ago..... $5250.00 installed. I guess that's next!!