And how would you like that...?

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  1. How would you like your 2005+ if you had the money?

    Mine would have to be
    --5 Speed Stick
    --Lime Gold, (w/ a white stripe under the door like on the V6 Photo)
    --The stock wheels don't really matter, I'd replace them with 18" Torque Thrust II's or the wheels "Eleanor" had. (BTW - Does anyone know who makes those?)
    -- I don't know any interior colors yet, but the grey like the photos show is fine, but if white is an option, Definitley white.

  2. Lime Gold and a white interior. You would need to get some girls working the street corners to pull that look off.
  3. Black with gold stripes. Some sort of cool hood.
  4. either silver with white or black stripes, or dark blue with white or black stripes (would really like the yellowgreen I posted in the v6 pic thread, but that would be custom) - can't make up my mind. would def. be a 5 spd, would be the base + v8 (if they offer it - they should..if they don't I won't get an 05). I like those halibrand style wheels...would like them in 17"..would definately like some bullit or magnum500 wheels. I'm very indecisive :)
  5. I'll take the same , but with white walls, a chain steering wheel, and one of those gas pedals that looks like a foot. :D
  6. It's a gas pedal? I was arguing that it was some sort of step to put on nerf bars for trucks :rlaugh:

    I'd take some sort of darkish blue, white stripes, GT-500 hood, and scoops, V6 wheels, wide ass tires, supercharger, and all black interior. :D
  7. I want it to match my 65,

    See sig :D
  8. Here's what I want, although I doubt I'll be able to order one this way:

    GT V8 Coupe
    5 Speed MTX
    Medium blue, like the old Shelby Guardsman Blue if not Sonic Blue
    Gray Interior
    Leather Seats
    Independent Rear Suspension
    DVD Navigation system like the Lincoln LS has
    Heated & Cooled front seats like the Lincoln LS & Navigator have
    Hidden Radio Antenna
    17" or 18" wheels that look like the 16" Halibrand inspired wheels
    NO Pirelli tires, give me BF Goodrich or Michelin
    Mach 500 audio w CD changer
    Dual zone climate control with inside outside temperate display
    Auto dimming rear view mirror
    Even bigger brakes, 13.5" in the front
    Good metallic brake pads, not those junk Ford OEM pads that make more dust than braking power.
    Hood with dual intake scoops similar to the concept with real ram air.
    Global window open & close from the remote
    A really good shifter mechanism
    Built in factory installed satellite radio
    No wing, just a nice taseful duck-tail spoiler.

  9. Ghetto. I am so sorry, but I had to do it...

  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. You guys hurt my feelings. :(

    Ok, I'm not changing the Lime Gold, But w/ a black interior. Or Grey.

    I'm keeping the white stripes, too. But make them dual racing stripes from bumper to bumper. And maybe Less flashy rims... I'd like some Dark Argent or Grey rims w/ a silver/brushed aluminum outer edge.
  12. heheh I was just playin bro, I'm sure your vision is different than the bitmap (or at least I hope so). :D
  13. Is that how I'd like to buy it from ford. Or what would happen to it after it got off the sales floor?
  14. Thats basically how you'd like to buy it from the dealer.

    But everyone likes they're fun, right?
  15. I don't care what the gear ratio is, or what the rims/tires are as I plan on changing them anyway. 4.10's, and some smooth 18" Halibrand III in the matte finish for me.

    As for options, I definitely want a 5 speed.

    I would like mine to be all black with black leather interior.

    Then I want Kenne Bell to come up with an intercooled Blowzilla pushing 12-14 lbs of boost!

    Sir Hacksalot
  16. You are good until here...

    Is not a Cobra... you will probably have to wait until the 06 Cobra comes out and then maybe you will be able to swap with one of them...

    only aftermarket. although, I believe the radio is in a perfect position for it... we'll have to wait and see...

    Its a Ford not a Lincoln. not going to happen... I have only seen them on very few and far in between Expedition Eddie Bauers...

    Aftermarket again...


    What they bring will be what they bring... if not, then... you know it: aftermarket...

    That would be cool to have, but its heavy as the cooled seats option and this is a performance car... not going to happen unless it is on the Cobra....


    That's just ghetto, and also.... guess what... a-f-t-e-r-m-a-r-k-e-t... :bang:

    My wishful thinking meets you there... I just hope for an Eleanor derivative bodykit for it to be out soon... :banana:

    That would be great... at least it looks as if they got the positioning better (which we won't know until we sit on it in the showroom, but truth is that with Ford's deals with Steeda and such aftermarket manufacturers it will all come down to them...

    Hopefully we will have that spoiler included in an Eleanor derivative body kit :banana:

    Man, I love this guy ---> :banana:
  17. I want mine to be Performance Red GT with a wide White Stripe over the front bumper, hood, roof, rear trunk and rear bumper.

    It should have a black leather or dark charcoal leather interior.

    It should come with ABS and the Bullitt Wheels.

    And it should come with all the power packages and traction control package.

  18. "What he said", 'cept the ducktail spoiler...

    If they just rework the tail light surround so it's not that rectangular looking flat surface, and maybe put a subtle little kick up at the rear end to approximate a rear spoiler with having one tacked on, they'll just about fully realize the design.

    Make mine Cobra blue with no stripes. Gray leather interior. Halibrand looking 18"'s.
  19. I really want to know the colors coming out. If the blue is true, I may go that way. My '00 is Crystal White, which you can't go wrong with in it's cleanest form. But I could definetly get hooked to a black, a red....a silver or a blue on this one. I love orange and black Mach/Boss style but I wouldn't be the one to do it.

    I've been running 4.10's in my GT for a while and I will say that at times I both love it and crave 3.73 at times. Meaning, 4.10s are my choice of the two, but 3.73's do have their place on performance California freeway.

    The thing about the '05 is that it is a different tranny from mine. How will this engine/tranny respond to the gear ratio's? I don't know. Can anyone chime in on this?

    What else?

    Fully loaded
    Best factory wheel regardless of if I swap out
    Nitto NT-555 or America...depends on the style I go. If it's chiseled muscle, Nitto's. If it's classic ownage, BF.

    Current favorite setups?





    I also like the Silver striped one from Detriot.

    Parts I would like...

    Bassani X-Pipe
    Borla XR1 Mufflers
    3 1/2 exits
    Steeda Tri-Ax
    (3.73 in equivalence to '00)
    Vortech S-Trim
    Functional and intellegent hood scoop.

    And complete vision...
    Integrated Treo600 custom integrated computer and communications system.

    oh and floor mats. :nice:
  20. I love the silver stripe on blue theme there, even though it was a retouch (of the grey/silver stripe show car)

    I can't decide to go the 66 Shelby GT350 direction. or a 69 mach 1 direction, the 05 car suits both.

    Either blue with black accents, or blue with silver stripes, a brighter blue than the above picture in any event.

    Lowered over BBS RGR, or CH 18"s with BF Goodrich KDW-s, Michelin Pilots, or BF-Goodrich Potenzas. A slight extended air dam, simple, thin wing, and a rear diffuser. Before anyone says "rice", I Say "late 60's BOSS 302 Trans Am racer, brought to the 21st century." a Mustang "Challenge car." Street legal and comfortable enough to use on a daily basis, though. Recent mustangs from Griggs Racing would be just a starting point.

    This would of course include chassis bracing, a weight-loss regimen, big brakes, IRS, 6spd manual and 3.73 gears, and maybe forced induction; even if ALL of it has to come through the aftermarket channels.

    I understand that a lot of mustang owners live for the quarter mile, but personally, I like strafing apexes. That's why I ride a motorcycle, as well.

    To each their own. The joy of options and the aftermarket.