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  1. Can I get some advice regarding boost. Im fairly confident that I will have enough fuel for about 500-525rwhp. I live with a 5500-6500ft DA (so I wont be making as much power as everyone else at the same boost level). I have a 3.2 pulley now. I want to make as close to 500rwhp as possible. What size pulley should I run to get me there?
  2. Call Pat G. He has been doing some fantastic tunes. I'd also contact Albert and see when my buddy Bret will be out there next. You can't beat these tuners most likely. It's your build, choose wisely
  3. Mark, who is Pat G? I plan on having Chris Groves @ Dyno Edge do the tuning. Heard of him?
  4. Pat G is out of Victoria. He does custom cam specs for guys for years. He also is known for doing some killer tuning and very highly regarded. He tunes in both San Antonio and Victoria. I can get you his number if your interested.

    Who does Al recommend out there? I know a buddy of mine, Brett from the DFW area has done the tuning on his car. As long as your tuner is good and has experience, then you should be good. Another thing you can do after its tuned, is get the car logged by somebody that has the software you tuned it with. post up the logs on sites like HP tuners, etc. some smart FI guys in some of those forums.
  5. I don't know who he recommends, Ill PM him on SWDrags.....but Im quite sure he'll recommend Chris Groves. That guy is a tuning legend down here. EVERYONE goes to him for tuning. He's supposed to be the best in the southwest. Im pretty sure Al knows who he is.

    I think Im going to run 3.0 pulley (14-16psi) and Torco for the immediate future until I can afford meth. This build is costing me as much as what some people make in an entire year, I will NOT accept anything under 400rwhp. I think a 3.0 on a D1SC (even with stock heads/cams) should get me well into the 400's. Im just worried about detonating, hence the Torco.
  6. I think you will be fine in the power department... 14-16psi should put you in the 440-480rwhp range EVEN with stock heads and cams and using 93.
  7. Torco is a good idea for insurance if you're not using meth.
  8. Yeah, my builder has box after box of it. He's experienced with it and uses/sells it quite often. I'll just run that until I can get a good meth kit, which shouldn't be too long.
  9. I know it's posted it's posted earlier, but what do you plan on doing with your gearing?

    tank_567. What do the T45 trans go through the traps in 4th at 6200-6600. The reason I ask, is that I was a gear to the moon guy on my 2v cars, NA. My 2v with SVO heads/blower had stock gears, but never ran it. I'm not a big fan of low gears on built high psi blower cars. Great for just 1/4 racing, but planting all that power at any given time under boost is a rush with no spin on the street.

    In short Nightfire , I know you're not looking to kill 1/4 times. If you can, let the boost eat with 3.27 or 3.55 gears and feel the power anytime. Those hot west Texas asphalt roads can be little fun if you're spinning. Plus, if you ever want to put the first blown 2v in something like the Texas Mile, you have the RPM. Only one new edge/aero that I've ever seen run, and it was a 4v many years ago. They were shooting for the stars at 200mph by a long shot, but badass still. I'd love to see you out there one day.


  10. I'm running 18 psi on 91 octane, no meth or octane booster.. Over 5k miles on this build and no issues in that area.

    I am quick to point out, if you drive it much, never run something that you CAN'T do without. If you build your tune around needing 104, 101, or something like Torco, and have to go somewhere or do something where you can't get what you are screwed. I have had to take gas, torco, and several other things to people because they didn't plan around it.
  11. 3.27s @ 120mph the RPM was around 5000ish in 4th, and with the 3.55s at the same speed I think it was around 5500-5800. On the dyno w/ the 3.55, @ 6500rpm max speed in 4 was 140.

    EDIT: video
  12. Am I going to be running out of gear with the 4.10's on the strip?
  13. 26" or 28" tire? Where does the car make peak HP and tq?

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  14. With 4.10s your going to be topping out at 130ish in O/D, not good if you ask me. I would step down to a 3.55 gear or go with a 3.31, hell I think Will is still running the stock 3.27s in his auto S/C stang. I've never been a fan of gear swaps, they are only good if you have high flowing set of heads and some big ass cams that can take advantage of the higher RPM range.
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  15. I recently swapped in some 3.73s (full 31 spline setup at the same time). I picked up at least 3 mph over the stock gears, maybe more in cooler weather. Definitely a worthwhile mod for the auto with the long 1st gear and a stock converter.

    With stock height tires (25.66") and turning 6500 rpm (you might turn more, idk) with 4.10s, 3rd gear will get you 121 mph (not enough for the 1/4 mile for your setup) and overdrive will get you 172 mph.

    Everyone prefers different things, but I'm of the opinion that 4.10s will be way too much gear. Coming from experience with my own car and the troubles of sticking the tires on the street, you will NEVER hook 1st gear unless on good drag radials or slicks at a well prepped track. Heck, I doubt it's going to stick in 2nd gear. My car, not making anywhere near the power you will, and with only 3.73s, and with a lower stall, has a hard time sticking 1st gear on the street. If I was doing your build, I'd go 3.73s at the absolute most, probably 3.55s.

    That being said, you can always finish your build and swap the gears out afterwards if you don't like them.
  16. Ugh great. I was/am worried about traction. I think 3.55's is a good compromise. That'll have to wait though :(
  17. Winters98GT Hey Mark, I talked to Al and he doesn't seem to know who you are. Are you guys acquainted via corvette forums? If so, whats your screen name on them?
  18. I don't think I will be anywhere near 130 here in TX. I think I'd be lucky to hit 120mph.
  19. Yes, I go by winters"97"GT. We have had quite a few conversations, tell him the stock driveline C6 from Houston that ran 9.6 with a stick and GForce tune.
  20. Would it be a bad idea to have the car tuned on Torco? It isn't that expensive at all. I could probably get a more aggressive tune on it, no?