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  1. No, use it as an extra safety buffer. Don't tune in to Torco. Meth is a bit different.
  2. Got it. Thanks
  3. FINALLY got the motor back!

    Freshly decked, honed, balanced, and painted (going semi-gloss black on everything w/ silver valve covers)

    Completely built, ported, and matched with new/upgraded valvetrain

    Nearing completion :banana:
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  4. I love seeing pics like that! I need to get the pics of my build up! It seriously makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning! I happy to see it coming along man! Keep us posted! How do u plan on prepping the valve covers? I was going to do mine in silver but instead just used bed liner pain on my blower and valve covers.
  5. Im going back today after work to take a few more pics, the motor is fully assembled now. I'll also pick up the spec sheet on the heads. My builder told me that they did EVERYTHING to them and that they're the nastiest set of PI heads he'd ever seen, major port work. Im so giddy its ridiculous.

    As for the covers, my builder is painting everything so Im not sure how he's doing them. All black motor w/ silver covers and black boost piping/intercooler is going to look sick!

    I threw in a new high volume oil and water pump for good measure.


    Stage 3 port
    Comp springs
    MMR valve seals
    MMR Pro-Ti valves
    -MMR bronze guides
    Jesel rollers
    Manley retainers
    5 angle valve job

  7. Very nice! Do have a question, what oil pump and what comp com springs did you get?
  8. FRPP pump and Comp Beehives
  9. hmmm, just saying, you might have some issues... I had compcams 26113-16 Beehives and was floating the valves @ 5300rpm w/ 15lbs of boost (ton of threads on yellowbullet and turbo forums about weak valve springs and boosted engines) . Also the FRPP pump is just the stock DOHC pump, same gears as the one that just came out of your car, just higher volume over the SOHC version. Might want to swap out with MMR or Mellings billet oil pump gears. Save you the pain that everyone making over 500rwhp runs into...

    Stock oil pump gears 520ish rwhp... seen many do this

    and CompCams springs vs trickflows track heat stage 2 springs

    trick flow on the left and comp cams on the right

    once again, trick flow on the left and compcams on the right.
  10. Ugh. The machine shop chose the springs. We told them the setup, boost, etc and those are what they put in.....and they know their :poo:. Good thing is that they warrantee their motors and since they chose and installed the springs, they'll cover it if anything goes wrong. The pump was my builders call. I'll talk to him further about it.
  11. Alright just gave him a quick call. He said that he's put FRPP pumps in boosted Mustangs all the time and hasn't heard of any problems. However, he said I could go with a Melling HO for no charge if I wanted. He said the same thing about the springs. He added that they were "high load" springs :shrug:
  12. Speed density???? Wow, you just took me back to the late 80's lol. Hows she run? Stock cam or just a SD. friendly cam?
  13. My car drove like a stock car. I had a big stick in it, but changed it up. I specd my own cam to idle with basically no lope. I live right on the freeway in the inner loop in Houston, which is top 5 worst places in the country for traffic. My wife also hated my big cam in my Z06. The cam turned out amazing, and ran great numbers both on the dyno and MPH at the track. 149.2mph was my best in full street trim, no skinnies, stock gearing and 100 pounds of safety gear on 12psi. Cam was a 232/244 on a 118lsa with xer lobes. Here is the difference between my buddies old C6 on a 250 shot and my car with the blower(mines the dirty, was sitting in the shop) before we made highway pulls. Similar cubes, almost exact same cam specs except his LSA was a 112 vs my 118.

  14. I'd also add that I agree with Tank. I'm not an expert on the oil pumps for mod motors, but don't skimp there. That will destroy a motor quick. Also, comp had a run of bad springs(comp 918's) for the LS cars for a while. Not sure if it translated over to their other springs, but guys were having all types of issues with them for a few years. It appears they corrected the issue.

  15. Agreed...I don't build any performance modular motor with out at least billet gears, I actually prefer to use the MMR pumps or the billet gear Melling. Its something I'd strongly think about changing while it is still out of the car.

    As far as the springs it depends on the can and boost level I've has decent luck with those COMP springs.

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  16. Alright going with a billet Melling
  17. 118 lsa... that helps the drivability!
  18. Chit adds up, huh? It will pay off in the end
  19. Jesus, you're telling me. Im waaaaaaay over budget, but I went with all the bells and whistles so I deserve it. I am well over a 100% power increase at this point. The first drive will be quite an experience lol