And the experiment begins...

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  1. Its not like any real damage is gonna happen. Its just like putting a 25 shot on my car.
  2. Well Im glad your doing it. I think its an intersting expirement and I look forward to seeing the results.

    Hate to hear about you being so unhappy with your stang though. I can tell you though with the right mods mustangs can be a fast car and a fun car to drive.
  3. :roflmao: !!!!! wtf with that song...and easy on tha NAWWZZZ
  4. I love that video every time I see it.
  5. That music is ghey, as in Richard Simmons/Down Syndrome/Hurricane victims ghey.
  6. 1 million watts will pull 72,463 amps @ 13.8vdc. i am thinking that may hurt something.

    this is the top of the line blower:

    air velocity
    230 mph- so what.

    air volume
    380 cfm:typical cfm needs for 281 = 580-700cfm


    12 amps=120 x 12 amps= 1440 watts= 104.3 amps from car.

    pressure is not the issue. [email protected] is issue. you will be pulling another 200= cfm through the blower. if the blower has lower limits than your engine needs you will lose power.

    i have an idea. for real. it takes about 60hp to turn a blower to make say 14 psi. put a 1000 cc 100hp honda motor connected to a blower. no parasitic drag on the motor means an additional 60 hp to the wheels.
  7. Somehow, the though of you being the first Mustang guy to do this doesn't surprise me. :nonono:
  8. Just get a "Powered by Weedeater" sticker to make sure you get all the hp out of it.

    You can buy a NX Mainline kit for only $350. It's a barebones nitrous kit that will give you from 10-100 hp at the wheels.

    Hell, just do both.
  9. I am so stoked about hearing the reviews. If it gives him a good boost, I might consider it on my Stang just to say I'm blown :D LMAO
  10. I will soon be able to say i'm Vortex Blown

    Had to cut it down alittle to make room

    After alittle half-ass cutting...still need to be touched up

    And I got a nipper car air filter from autozone that should fit in the fender wall.

    Oh and by the way...installation is starting tomorrow. :banana:
  11. Well took a few hours but I got the thing together for installation...
    Still alittle Ruff...Need to clean it up but that dont really matter right now... :D


    Old air filter and compartment was ripped out




    Wired for house cord (Havent recieved Converter yet)


    Turned on the car and the idle was alittle funny at first. After a few the computer learned the new intake and idle is alot better now. I have turned the Vortex on but stay tuned for results from that. :rlaugh:
  12. This is so awesome, LOL :rlaugh:
  13. The Mods should make this a sticky called How To @#$^ Up a Perfectly Good Mustang GT :nonono:
  14. How exaclty did I **** it up? All I have to do is undo one clip and the stock airbox can go back in...Stick it up your ass you jealous pos
  15. Jealous of LS1's, jealous of leaf blowers. You've got us all pretty much figured out, huh? Don't worry about what any of us think....what do we know? Just concentrate on getting the pattent to that leaf blown Stang of yours. :rlaugh:
  16. Did I say I was jealous :rolleyes: If you want to stick a frigging leaf blower on your Stang go ahead, just get ready to be:flame:
  17. I think he's trying to come out of the closet and tell everyone that he likes and wants to drive RICE.
  18. If you guys dont like it get the **** out of my thread...there is no reason you ****tards need to be here. I am taking a ****ty car and making it ****tier is all im doing. Im selling it so I thought I might as well try it beofre I get a "good car"