And the experiment begins...

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  1. I wont go rice but I will get a car that doesnt get beat by rice.
  2. Well since this is your thread, why didnt you take it somewhere else like mustangworld or and let those guys have a good laugh. And since you hate the Stang so much why did you get it in the first place?
  3. Because it "looked fast" so I thought it might be fast, what a mistake that was.
  4. Ok, so the LS1's are faster than your average GT Mustang, go buy one and have a great life in LS1 Chevy Hell.
  5. ....kinda like strapping a leaf blower to a perfectly good car, right? Did you at least get another one for your new F-body when you get it, or are you done with the forced induction and now want to run giggle gas? I hear there's enough nitrous in a can of whipped cream to knock .0001 of a second off of your quarter mile if you want to go that route. Just make sure you get all of the whipped cream out of it first. You wouldn't want to gum up the system or anything with cream, cause you know.............that would be just plain silly. :rolleyes:
  6. Wow. At first I thought this would be a joke. Then I saw the pics. I didn't know if to laugh or cry...but in the end I chose to laugh.

    I won't criticize you for your opinon on your Mustang. You have a somewhat valid point. However, what you're doing is rediculous and stupid. I'm not saying that you can't have fun with the car, but if you don't like it, sell it to someone in a normal condition before you fugg something up. Also, why are you wasting your money on all that and not getting your dream car, whatever that is?
  7. Look down...its for sale but the resale is so ****ty I owe more then its worth. It will be gone soon and i'll get my LS1, cobra, or if worse comes to worse even a srt-4 (which are all better then a GT)
  8. I held back from posting in this thread, but I must say, this has to be the STUPIDEST idea and thread I've read on this forum in a long time.
  9. So if you're already losing money by owning it, they why in the world do you waste your money and time on hooking up a leaf blower to your car? :scratch:
  10. The LB was $44...When im done with the stang im gonna throw it in a friends car and then another just for fun.
  11. And the converter was a $100, right?
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  13. Yeah but that was a must I bough a DVD player and 2 monitors and made some room for my PS2 for long trips...all that stuff will be laying in a box otherwise though, dont want that extra weight.
  14. i think what you're doing is retarded, but i still find it somewhat amusing. it is your car and you can do as you wish. but let me ask, how can you be so upset at the GT for being a "****ty" car when you're the one that bought it because it "looked fast". surely you would have done what 99% of all people do before buying a car: research. then you would have known what a crappy car the gt really is.

    and why are you getting so defensive by acting like you havent hit puberty yet and swearing at everyone? did you really expect to come onto one of the biggest mustang enthusiast sites on the internet, bash the car that makes this all possible and have people pat you on the back for it?

    enjoy your catfish or neon, whatever you decide.
  15. The converter is plenty reusable. Great for that dash plug install ;)
  16. To be honest I will never buy a neon or LS1 but that's what people keep telling me to buy. I have no problem with the Mustang, its the 4.6 2v I hate. I must admit for a v8 it is a reliable motor but just isnt worth putting money into. My next sports car will most likely be a 08 SVT or if that isnt possible a 03/04. People make it out like i hate the stang when that isn't true, I love machs, and would stab someone for a KB 03 Cobra...but this 2v has to go. :notnice:
  17. hmmmm... go dyno it.
  18. i understand what you're saying, i just thought you would realize what it takes to make these cars "fast" in comparison to other muscle/sports cars before buying it. i agree they arent much straight from the factory, and the internals being limited to right around 400hp sucks. but fact of the matter is most of us cant afford a mach or 03/04 cobra, so we settle for the gt and try to catch up by playing the modding game. although an electric leaf blowers a first:rlaugh: cant wait to see the results
  19. Keep up the good work!



    Get some videos of you dynoing it and you will be an internet celebrity.

  20. THe ironic thing is that when you go as far as putting a blower in your car, you probably could have bought a 03/04 Cobra if you had saved up, you will have more power, more exclusivity and a lot better resale.

    I'm satisfied with my car ATM because it is my first car and it is RWD and despite what some people may say, it is a lot better than a Acura TL or something like that in terms of fun. When I get the money, I will definetly buy another American V8.